For 2016, Yamaha upgraded the popular FJR1300ES and FJR1300A with a significant internal change while leaving the rest of the motorcycle what on the surface seems basically the same. To discern the 2016 model from the 2015 at a distance, just go by the Cobalt Blue color instead of the Candy Red. You probably won’t be pick out the cornering lights or the LED lights all around – well, maybe the restyled brake light. Oh yeah, or the blindingly bright LED high beam until after dark.

2016 Yamaha FJR1300A And FJR1300ES Review

What stands front-and-center in the FJR update list is the new 6-speed transmission. This long requested change to the engine was no simple feat. Typically, adding a cog to a gearbox requires new, wider engine cases. However, that would have compromised the FJR’s ground clearance and added additional weight – two things it does not need. So, Yamaha’s engineers were challenged with the task of adding sixth-gear in the same cases. In the process, those smart folks also tightened up the gap between the gears. The result is a remarkable refinement to an established sport-touring motorcycle. In addition to the 6-speed, the FJR1300A gets new KYB suspenders front and rear to bring its handling closer to that of the ES model and its electronically adjustable suspension.

All the details are outlined in our full test of the 2016 Yamaha FJR1300ES/A, and now you get the chance to view our video review below.

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