We always hear from marketing and PR departments and even journalists about motorcycle industry execs being riders, that they care, and are enthusiasts themselves. That’s normally true in this industry. Ducati CEO, Claudio Domenicali is a fantastic rider, and the head of Two-Wheel Global for Bosch shared plenty of stories about his off-road excursions in Australia. These guys ride. That’s the truth. Now let’s take a look at Ural. 

In the video below, we see Ural’s board of directors doing a fair bit of quality control testing on the company’s vehicles. Because I’m an optimistic realist, I’m going to tell myself that these are really the Ural board of directors, even though that claim hasn’t been substantiated.

According to Ural’s own posting of the video, each year the board plans a trip to truly test the Ural’s capabilities in extremely challenging conditions. I can attest to the how much fun the Ural is off-road. I only wish I could be given free-reign with one of these machines and let loose on trails like the ones in this video. Alas, Ural North America would undoubtedly look down upon me utterly thrashing one of its machines. Once again, it’s good to be the big boss.

Watching Victor, Vladimir, Sergey, Andrej, Egor, Dmitry, Boris, and Anatoly thrash the big sidecar motorcycles over boulders, under rivers, over rivers, and down muddy rocky trails is entertaining regardless of who these folks are.

In the video, our Russian comrades demonstrate five categories of testing :

  1. Water Crossing Test
  2. Bumpy Road Test (hardly a road)
  3. Aquaplaning Test
  4. Acceleration Test
  5. Suspension Test

So, grab the copper mug and your favorite vodka, ginger beer, and lime, mix yourself up a refreshing moscow mule, and enjoy the Russian mayhem.