This Is How You Ride A 125cc Two-Stroke + Video

Troy Siahaan
by Troy Siahaan
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this is how you ride a 125cc two stroke video

It’s too bad two-stroke motorcycles are quickly declining. The lightweight and hard-hitting machines are a blast to ride. They’re all but gone from the street scene (thanks emission laws), but thankfully you can still find some on the dirt side. Embodying the phrase “ride it like you stole it,” watch Kemea Racing rider Cyril Genot properly flog his Yamaha YZ125 as he shows us the fast way around Lierop, in the Netherlands.

If you’re a fan of two-strokes, especially in the dirt, I don’t need to say much more. Turn your speakers up and enjoy this master class of two-stroke mud-slinging.

Troy Siahaan
Troy Siahaan

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