2019 Honda CB500X First Look

Evans Brasfield
by Evans Brasfield

New style and longer travel suspension

For 2019, the Honda CB500X undergoes a bit of a transformation. Now with a more adventure-y style, the perky Twin should win new fans.

With the CRF1000L as the inspiration, the CB500X has a new, more aggressive look. The radiator shrouds have been extended and the tank now interlocks with the side covers bringing more unity to the bike’s styling. The new look is functional, though. Windblast should be less than with the previous model, thanks to the new fairing shape.

2019 honda cb500x first look

Other rider accommodations were updated. The seat has been slimmed to give more room for the rider to reach the ground comfortably. The new handlebar is tapered and gives the rider more steering lock for low-speed maneuverability. New LCD instruments relay important information, like gear position. A tubular stay allows for mounting a GPS above the instruments.

While the bulk of the chassis is unchanged, a new shock offers 9-position spring preload adjustability. The 17-inch front wheel has been replaced with a 19-incher and an accompanying longer-travel fork for better handling on rough surfaces.

2019 honda cb500x first look

The engine also received minor updates. Revised valve timing yields a 4% gain in the mid-range power and torque. The exhaust note should be a tad beefier, thanks to the new dual exit muffler. Finally, an assist/slipper clutch makes all the rider’s clutch-related duties much easier.

Although pricing and availability have not been announced, the color will be Grand Prix Red.

Be sure to follow the rest of our 2018 EICMA Show coverage with information on the new models being revealed in Milan all through the next few days.

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  • DickRuble DickRuble on Nov 08, 2018

    Wonder if the old, wider seat fits on the new bike. I need more comfort, not less.

  • CruisingTroll CruisingTroll on Nov 13, 2018

    Now THIS is more like what the X should have been from the git-go. Hopefully they used wheels that can easily be swapped for spoked units. That, or they may have plans for a true adv mule. Upgrade the suspension, spoked wheels, ride modes, switchable TCS and ABS, manually adjustable windscreen, all for $1,500-$2k more. Probably not though.