Ducati and Audi Working on V2X Tech

John Burns
by John Burns

Ducati is working with industry leaders in developing direct communication interoperability between motorcycles, vehicles, and infrastructure

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  • Peter ecclesine Peter ecclesine on Jul 18, 2018

    Many groups around the world are working on Intelligent Transportation Systems, to reduce the 1.3 million fatalities each year. In North America, ITS America https://www.itsa.org/, in Europe Car2Car https://www.car-2-car.org/i... , and in cellular 3GPP http://www.3gpp.org/.

    In 2010, IEEE 802.11p was adapted for Vehicle 2 Vehicle radio together with a Dedicated Short Range Communications software, and extensively tested in the US and Europe http://www.itsg5-ready-to-r... Now 3GPP is defining C-V2X based on cellular networks and cellular technology to fill the same missions as US DSRC. And IEEE 802.11 is starting a Next Generation Vehicular (NGV) radio project https://mentor.ieee.org/802...
    I work in IEEE 802.11 on radios, and my company submitted a DSRC radio proposal to FCC labs for testing. All the DSRC prototypes did what they said, they each said different things ;-)

    I hope that the vehicle radios interoperate, and drivers/vehicles are more aware of their surroundings.

    Peter Ecclesine

  • Sayyed Bashir Sayyed Bashir on Jul 19, 2018

    It is nice to see Ducati focusing on the future instead of worrying about being sold to the highest bidder.