An Extended Interview With Ducati North America CEO Jason Chinnock

Troy Siahaan
by Troy Siahaan

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an extended interview with ducati north america ceo jason chinnock
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Ducati North America CEO Jason Chinnock has a lot to say, and given the chance, he’s more than happy to say it. With this in mind, rewind your clocks a bit to November 2018 and the first stop of the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, California. The show itself came on the heels of EICMA, where most of the major product unveilings for 2019 were displayed for a worldwide audience. Long Beach was the first crack North American audiences would have at seeing the 2019 moto-porn in person. was there, and we brought you some sights and sounds that caught our eye.

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There were many highlights to the show, one of which was speaking to Chinnock. The conversation covered a whole breadth of topics and quickly grew to the point that, while filming, we knew we’d have to edit out a large chunk to fit into our overall wrap-up video. After looking at the footage again, we thought it’d be a shame to simply let the interview die on the cutting room floor. So, here we bring you the rest of our interview with Jason Chinnock. Seeing as the new Panigale V4 R is all the rage for Ducati in 2019 (and this was before it made its World Superbike debut), we couldn’t help but talk about it some more. But the interview takes another path from there, as we ask Chinnock how he thinks Ducati lures potential motorcycle riders from sideline onlookers to helmet-wearing participants – because, let’s face it, the Panigale is a halo machine select few will ever ride or even aspire to. We need to start getting more butts in seats in the first place. See our full interview with Chinnock in the video above.

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