Your ride comes from the factory “Plain Jane” just begging to be dressed up in new chrome and leather accessories. Did you know that anything you add to your cycle needs to be added to your insurance policy?

Many times a bike comes into a dealership and they dress it up for display. A prospective buyer may just fall in love with that dressed up ride. The cycle is purchased, and insured. When that insurance policy is put in place the agent needs to know that the cycle has NON-FACTORY INSTALLED parts and equipment on it. This includes custom paint jobs. For example if the paint job is a numbered set from Harley-Davidson it needs to be added to your policy under the accessories coverage.

A motorcycle policy may automatically provide limited coverage for these add-ons. However, this may not be enough to cover all of the additions. It is your responsibility as the policy holder to notify your insurance agent or company of your upgrades, and to add coverage to your policy. I recommend that every cycle owner keep a file that includes receipts for their upgrades, and with each change to the cycle a good set of color photographs showing the newly installed upgrades. This will make it possible for an insurance adjuster to get their job done efficiently and get you back on the road quickly. If you alter the frame of your motorcycle this may change how the cycle is registered, which will require a specialized policy.

Leslie Kay