How to Lube Throttle and Clutch Cables

Lubing your motorcycle’s cables should only take a few minutes, but it pays dividends every time you operate a control. For the throttle cables, unscrew the throttle housing on the grip and adjust the cables for maximum slack. After you release one of the cables, the other will slip right off. For the clutch cable, screw the adjuster all the way in for maximum slack but line up the slot in the adjuster with the slot of the lever holder. You should be able to pull the end of the cable free of the adjuster and release the cable.

How to Lube Throttle and Clutch Cables - spraying silicone-based lubricant

The cable luber forces the lubricant through the cable, making sure the entire length of the cable is protected. Do not use chain lube on cables.

For quick work on the cables, nothing beats a pressure cable luber from accessory companies like Motion Pro. Basically, you clamp a rubber stopper over one end of the cable, insert a tube from a can of silicone-based cable lubricant into a little hole, and give the nozzle a squeeze. The can’s pressure forces the lubricant through the cable. Apply the lubricant in short bursts until the bottom end of the cable begins to bubble or drip. A well placed rag will catch the drips before they make a mess of the engine.

How to Lube Throttle and Clutch Cables - applying grease

Apply a protective coat of grease to all exposed sections of cables. Don’t forget to lube the fittings so they will move freely within their mounts.

Before you reassemble each cable, be sure to apply a dab of grease to all the places the cable might rub. The fittings at the cable ends need grease, and any exposed sections of the cable should receive a protective coating, too. A small paint brush will help you grease parts in tight places.