Vote for the Reader's Choice Motorcycle of the Year

vote for the reader s choice motorcycle of the year

Which new motorcycle deserves to be called Motorcycle of the Year? The decision is up to you!

We want your input in selecting the best bikes of the year for our Reader’s Choice Awards, including your choice for the Motorcycle of the Year.

In addition to the Motorcycle of the Year award, there are 11 other categories where you can vote for your favorites. As an incentive for your input, we’ll be giving away a free set of Pirelli tires so your ride can be outfitted with high-quality rubber!

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Voting will run from Dec. 15 until Jan. 15. After tabulating the results, the winners will be announced on Jan. 31. The manufacturers of the winning motorcycles will then be presented with trophies they’ll proudly display based on your selections. Enter now!

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  • Kevin Kevin on Dec 20, 2014

    I do not see how you arrived at the "nominies" for this competition: Why the street glide, which is a carry over and not the road glide which is "new" sort of? The Scout whipped up on all comers in the cruiser comparison from hell and isn't even nominated: And how does the R 1200 GS get nominated for best Adventure but not the R1200 GS Adv?

  • Kris's Kris's on Dec 21, 2014

    What no Scout?
    Probably the biggest new model release this year for an all American bike which is
    globally getting rave reviews and its not on your list? Come on!!!!

    • Kevin Duke Kevin Duke on Dec 23, 2014

      AWK-ward! The Scout is a victim of our MOBO awards selection process, which takes place mid-summer when almost all new important bikes have been unveiled. The Scout's debut in August caused it to miss the cut for the MOBOs and the sweet Indian failed to get transposed into the Reader's Choice nominee list. This being our first RC awards, bare with us as we evolve our process. Methinks setting an eligibility date of Dec 1 for bikes to be available in dealers might work. Better idea? BTW, the Scout is exceptionally good and will be a strong bet for our cruiser MOBO in 2015.