After months of preparation, MO’s biggest Showdown of the year is taking place right now, and you can follow it. We have secured an Aprilia Tuareg 660 and a Yamaha Ténéré 700, had them transported to the Get On! ADV Fest, flew out to Sturgis, SD, and are riding the two bikes back on an epic 1,800-mile street and off-road route planned by master of the long-haul journey, Ryan Adams. Accompanying him will be EiC Evans Brasfield for riding and photo duty (bets are currently being taken over how many times he’ll crash in the dirt) and MO Video Producer, Sean Matic. 

Highlights of the trip include a day each spent on the Utah and Wyoming Backcountry Discovery Routes along with some moto-camping. Before, between, and after, we have a mix of backroads and interstate. All of which is a short, vague way of teasing you about the most complete comparison between the Ténéré and the Tuareg done anywhere. 

Here are some tidbits about what’s happened so far: Day 1 featured temperatures rocketing to a high of 111° F throughout the bulk of the day. If that’s not enough, the winds were constant, with gusts. Day 2 included WYBDR Section 2. You’ll first have access to this post while our trio is actively riding from Centennial, WY, to a city that has a strangely familiar name. You can track their progress for the remainder of the tour by clicking the link below. 

MO Showdown Spot GPS Track

Since we need to give Sean time to work his video magic, the finished product is still a few weeks away. However, we have included this spec sheet below for you to debate. 

Have fun.

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