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Nothing spells adventure like hitting the open road on a motorcycle with your family and friends. America is an incredibly big country, encompassing seemingly endless places to go and see. With all its vastly different landscapes and attractions, the U.S. is a haven for motorcycle travel and adventure. So, where do you even start? Well, you could plan your own trip, map out your route, make your lodging arrangements, find places to eat and fuel up along the way, and hope you don’t run into any bike troubles. Or, you can kick back, relax, and let one of the many motorcycle touring companies here in the U.S. take care of all that for you. After all, they’re experts on the subject with everything you need to know, and more. All you have to do is enjoy the ride and the beautiful scenery (and fork over a little cash).

Another major bonus when booking through a motorcycle touring company is that you don’t have to ride your own bike, worry about it breaking down, or worse, fix it on the side of the road with tools you forgot to bring. Fortunately, the motorcycle touring companies listed below use rentals or bikes within their own fleet, so if something happens and they break down, it becomes someone else’s problem, not yours.

The first step to planning your future motorcycle tour is deciding where you want to go, what you want to see, and where you’re going to start. Many of the following motorcycle touring companies specialize in certain regions of the country, but they’re spread out all over the place, because there’s great riding everywhere. So, odds are there’s something near you. Once you’re all signed up, just don’t forget you motorcycle touring necessities and your camera, because any of these motorcycle tours could and should be a trip of a lifetime.


best motorcycle touring companies

AdMo (Adventure Motorcycle) Tours is based in Southern California and offers street, off-road and dual-sport/ADV tours. Their guided motorcycle tours are primarily based here in the Southwestern United States, all over California, Nevada and Baja Mexico. They also offer international tours all over Europe. The tours vary from day rides to full-on 11-day adventures, and they’re offered year round. AdMo will handle and provide just about everything you might need including the bikes, of course. All you have to do is show up.

More info about AdMo-Tours and all their offerings here.

Bike Week Motorcycle Tours

best motorcycle touring companies

There’s no shortage of different motorcycle rallies and bike weeks here in the U.S. Motorcyclists travel from all over to attend Sturgis, Daytona, Laconia, Laughlin and Arizona Bike Week – just to name a few. Bike Week Motorcycle Tours takes its riders around all the best and most scenic roads surrounding each event. Together you’ll ride, eat, ride some more, and get to know each other, all while getting a true biker’s taste for Americana motorcycle culture.

Interested? Check out for details on how you can join in on the fun.


best motorcycle touring companies

EagleRider is perhaps the biggest and best known motorcycle touring company here in the U.S. There are EagleRider locations all over the place and many Harley-Davidson dealerships also have partnerships serving as EagleRider rental and return hubs, with additional locations being added regularly. With such an expansive network of pickup and drop off locations, one-way rentals and tours are easy to arrange. With 35 different domestic guided motorcycle tours from coast to coast and everywhere in between, there’s an EagleRider adventure for every motorcyclist out there. EagleRider guided tour packages range from short day trips to almost month-long conquests, and the company operates year round.

For more information and a complete list of every trip EagleRider offers, visit their website here.


best motorcycle touring companies

Edleweiss has been doing this whole guided motorcycle adventure tour thing for 38 years, with over 2,350+ tours in more than 180 different destinations worldwide. You could say they know a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to motorcycle trips. For guided tours here in the U.S., Edelweiss offers an Alaska/Yukon adventure, a West Coast California/Oregon/Washington trip, a Southwest Arizona/California/Utah/Nevada ride, and if you’re really looking for some two-wheeled adventure, a North/Central American tour from Hollywood all the way down to Panama City. Edelweiss’ tours range from shorter week or two-week long tours, or you can spend up to 75 days in the saddle – it’s up to you!

For endless motorcycle adventure opportunities, check out Edelweiss’ tours here.

Moto Discovery

best motorcycle touring companies

Moto Discovery has been around since 1981, and they’ve been riding the often overlooked roads of the world seeking authentic destinations off the beaten path. That’s right, the world. There’s almost virtually nowhere Moto Discovery doesn’t operate. For riders looking to explore dual-sport and ADV routes here in America, Moto Discovery offers guided tours in Colorado, Alaska, Utah and Arizona. Almost all the rides Moto Discovery and its tour guides take you on are dirt roads. There’s no boring interstate freeway travel here.

For more information about the company and how you can get linked up, check out


best motorcycle touring companies

MotoQuest started in Alaska – yup, Alaska – and has since spread to all over the world. MotoQuest likes to keep their guided tour groups on the smaller, more intimate side with the motto: small groups, big adventures. This guided motorcycle touring company is more ADV oriented and prefers to take the path less traveled into places and destinations one might never expect to go for real-life experiences with the locals. Their U.S. tours are primarily focused all over Alaska, the Yukon, and all the way down the West Coast into Baja Mexico, but there are guided tours on every single continent, too, except Antarctica…

For more info and how to get started, head to

RawHyde Adventures

best motorcycle touring companies

RawHyde Adventures is another ADV-focused motorcycle touring company. In the United States, there are 4,127,000 miles of public roads, and of those, 1,392,000 are unpaved, including most of the roads in our National Parks. That means nearly one-third of the available roads in the U.S. are ones that most folks don’t get to investigate or ride. That’s where RawHyde Adventures comes in. This ADV guided motorcycle touring company has routes all over California, Baja Mexico, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. There are also routes down into South America. All of these rides are professionally guided, range from five days to multiple-week journeys and are offered year round so long as the particular route isn’t snowed in!

For more details and information on how to get registered, head over to

Rocky Mountain Moto Adventures

From the Canadian and Colorado Rockies to the Pacific Northwest, our National Parks, Alaska, and the Pacific Coast Highway, the options are almost limitless with Rocky Mountain Moto Adventures. All you have to do is show up ready to ride, RMMA will handle the rest. You can keep it short with a two-day ride from Southern California to Las Vegas, or stretch it out to three weeks across Alaska and Canada. Whether you’re a newer rider or a seasoned veteran, Rocky Mountain Moto Adventures has a guided tour in a location you’ll never forget.

More info and scheduling availability can be found at

Twisted Road

best motorcycle touring companies

Twisted Road isn’t a guided motorcycle touring company, but we felt it needed to be included on this list because you should know about it. Basically, it’s AirBnB for your motorcycle. Twisted Road members can rent other people’s motorcycles – or rent out their own as well. If you’re travelling somewhere and would like to ride a motorcycle, you can log onto Twisted Road to see who’s bike you can rent and for how long – and vice versa for renting out your own motorcycle when you’re not using it. Motorcycle owners/renters can then give you local knowledge about roads to ride and places to see. It’s pretty neat!

For more information and details on how you can become a member, visit

Women’s Motorcycle Tours

best motorcycle touring companies

By women, for women, this guided motorcycle touring company is focused on supporting women and encouraging them to pursue two-wheeled adventure both on- and off-road as well as promoting the camaraderie that comes with it. Their tours span all four corners of the U.S. and even include Cuba and Africa if you’re really looking to get off the grid. The tours range from 10 days to three weeks and explore some of America’s most scenic locations. Talk to your girlfriends, wives and sisters, and do something different, hit the road!

Find out more information and all about their tours here.

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  • Joeletaxi Joeletaxi on Dec 09, 2019

    Check out Native Moto Adventures, based in San Francisco.

    I was in SF on a business trip and wanted to explore the backroads with locals, on 2 wheels ideally. They hooked me up with one of their bikes (KTM Adventure R) and we covered over 120 miles of stunning scenery in one full day. Jen + Saf were great, and very personable. Will make sure to book a longer tour with them next time i'm in the Bay Area.

  • Ale Copos Ale Copos on Jan 14, 2020

    For BMW motorcycle tours in Europe I recommend Adventure Motorcycle Tours and Rentals, a BMW Motorrad travel partner based in Transylvania one hour away from Transfagarasan and Transalpina, some of the most beautiful road for a rider. Transylvania''s main airport Cluj Napoca is 30 minutes away from the garage and so is Turda Salt Mine and Turda Gorges.