Best Adventure Motorcycle Touring Suits for Braving the Unknown

Ryan Adams
by Ryan Adams

Be prepared for anything and everything

Adventure riders know that choosing a jacket and pant that will offer versatility in a wide variety of scenarios is paramount to enjoying the ride. Fortunately for us, most manufacturers now make matching jacket and pant combos to offer suits that integrate seamlessly from a fit and function standpoint. It’s always a good idea to be realistic of your intentions when considering new gear, but thankfully with adventure gear, like adventure bikes, most are designed to do a little bit of everything. Below is our list of the best adventure suits on the market today.

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In our review, Ryan Adams found the REV'IT! Sand 4 jacket and pants to be a versatile and valuable addition to his riding gear. The inclusion of both a quilted liner for warmth and a Hydratex waterproof liner for moisture management enhances its utility across various conditions. The ability to wear the waterproof liner independently as a light jacket is particularly innovative and useful, especially during chilly evenings around the campfire.

The jacket's design offers ample airflow through strategically placed vents, which is a significant benefit in warmer weather. The adjustable features on the shell ensure a good fit whether the liners are in or removed, accommodating a range of body sizes and preferences. The presence of CE level 2 rated armor in the shoulders and elbows, with the option to add a back protector, underscores the jacket's commitment to safety without compromising comfort.

On the pants side, the same attention to detail and functionality is evident. The quilted and waterproof liners provide flexibility for changing weather conditions, while the design caters to ease of movement and durability, particularly around areas of frequent contact or movement. The adjustability and roominess of the pants, alongside thoughtful features like the large zipper pulls and ample pocket space, align with the needs of the adventurous rider.

Throughout Ryan's rides, both the jacket and pants have performed admirably. They offer a balance of comfort, protection, and practicality, whether dealing with fluctuating temperatures, unexpected weather, or the rigors of adventure touring. The Sand 4 line, with its thoughtful design and reasonable pricing, stands out as a commendable choice for riders seeking reliability and versatility in their gear.

In our review, Ryan Adams explored the capabilities and features of the KLIM Baja S4 jacket and pants, showcasing his enthusiasm for innovative motorcycle gear. His journey began with a visit to the Gore Labs for a 2020 product launch, which he compared to exploring Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, setting the stage for his excitement about the Baja S4 gear.

Ryan's anticipation was well-founded as he put the gear through its paces in various weather and riding conditions. He was particularly impressed by the combination of Schoeller-Dynatec nylon mesh and KLIM’s Karbonite Micromesh 1000-denier stretch-woven nylon panels, which not only provided unmatched comfort but also ensured superior breathability. This design choice made the Baja S4 gear stand out from other adventure gear by optimizing airflow, an essential feature for Ryan given the warm climate of southern California where he frequently rides.

Durability is another hallmark of the Baja S4, with no material snags despite the challenges of trailside branches, and the use of ceramic-plated Superfabric for additional abrasion resistance. D3O level 1 vented pads offer reliable impact protection without compromising comfort.

Storage is ample in the Baja S4 jacket, featuring ten pockets including a unique hidden passport pocket, catering to the needs of world travelers and adventure riders alike. The pants complement the jacket with their easy-access pockets and leather panels for grip and heat protection.

Ryan did express a desire for a broader range of sizing options to achieve a perfect fit, a sentiment that underscores the technical and expensive nature of KLIM's offerings. Despite this, the stretchiness of the Baja S4 gear compensates for any minor fitment issues.

Highlighting KLIM's attention to detail, Ryan noted additional features like 3M Scotchlite C790 Carbon Black reflective material and practical design elements that enhance the gear's functionality and safety. The development of KLIM gear, driven by employees who are hardcore riders, is evident in every aspect of the Baja S4 jacket and pants.

Concluding his review, Ryan reiterated the KLIM Baja S4 as one of his top choices for adventure riding, especially in the typically warm conditions of southern California. His consistent use of the Baja S4 in every adventure test throughout 2020 attests to its durability, comfort, and versatility, making it a top recommendation for riders seeking high-performance ventilated gear.

In our review, Evans Brasfield evaluated the Spidi 4Season H2Out Suit, highlighting its multifaceted design aimed at providing protection against various weather conditions and potential accidents. Brasfield emphasized the suit's smart modular design, separating the needs for abrasion protection, waterproofing, and insulation into distinct layers, a choice he views as a thoughtful approach to creating a versatile touring suit.

The suit's outer layer offers abrasion resistance and includes CE-certified armor in critical areas, although Brasfield noted the back protector is sold separately. The waterproof layer beneath it ensures the rider stays dry, while the innermost quilted liner provides insulation. However, he mentioned the inconvenience of having to remove the suit to don the waterproof layer and the suit's complex layer attachment system, which, while effective in keeping elements at bay, may test some riders' patience.

Brasfield praised the suit's aesthetics, sharing a personal anecdote about the positive impression it made on his wife, underscoring the suit's appealing design. He appreciated the thoughtful adjustments and venting system that cater to various body types and riding conditions, ensuring a comfortable fit and effective temperature regulation.

Despite a few drawbacks, such as the lack of waterproof pockets and the necessity of wearing additional layers or electric vests for extreme temperatures, Brasfield found the suit highly functional. Its ability to keep him dry and comfortable during a Saddlesore 1000 ride demonstrated its all-day comfort and protective capabilities.

With a price point of $1,080, not including the additional cost for the back protector, the Spidi 4Season H2Out Suit represents a significant investment. However, Brasfield concluded that for riders who demand high performance and versatility from their gear, the suit is a worthwhile expense, offering a balance of protection, comfort, and adaptability across a range of riding conditions.

What is the best motorcycle touring jacket?

Whether standard touring or adventure touring, your gear’s versatility is what can make or break a trip. Touring jackets are designed to keep you comfortable in a range of weather and situations. Adventure touring gear puts an emphasis on the mobility needed to ensure the rider has the flexibility to move around on the machine when riding off-road. As with motorcycles, the best touring jacket is the one you will use and are comfortable in. That said, our list above is a great place to start. Choosing which features are most important to you and which types of gear apply to the area where you typically ride will help narrow down which gear is best for you.

What is the best adventure touring motorcycle?

That’s a loaded question. But, as we saw in our last middleweight adventure motorcycle shootout, there seems to be a machine for every type of rider these days in the ADV segment these days. Whether your focus is getting dirty or sticking to the tarmac, there is an adventure motorcycle well-suited for your needs. For 2020, chose the 2020 Triumph Tiger 900 as our Best Adventure Motorcycle of the Year for its versatility and performance both on-road and off. Runner-up was the off-road-focused KTM 790 Adventure R which was lauded for its superior off-road performance.

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  • Scott Halbleib Scott Halbleib on Mar 09, 2022

    Good review if you're riding in cooler weather, but if I rode in any of these suits in the Summer I'd be miserable, especially the Roadcrafter! I use RevIt's fully vented suit, then bring some thermals and a pair of Frog Togs. Best 3 season kit you can get IMO!

  • Wendy Moore Wendy Moore on Mar 31, 2022

    I LOVE my Klim badlands suit, with a heated jacket, it is 3 season comfortable, (I don't ride in snow). Waterproof, crashproof, well worth the money.