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If you’ve never been to Quebec, you really have no idea what you’re missing. Think European-style cities with seemingly limitless wide-open spaces in between. You’ll lay eyes on countless lakes and rivers thick with fish, scenic mountain rangers, lush forests, and the breathtaking coastline of the St. Lawrence River where you might spy more whales than people.

We recently showed you some of what was available to motorcyclists in French Canada with our first article on exploring Quebec Maritime. This time we’ll dig a little deeper to show you even more of what you can see and do in La Belle Province.

Motorcycle Tours

It’s hard to imagine a better way to travel by motorcycle than on Quebec’s coastal highways. Wind around both the north and south shores of the St. Lawrence River as it opens into the Atlantic Ocean while the summer sun beats down on your back and the sea spray cools you off. Even thinking about a ride like that starts to ease the stresses of everyday life.

Quebec Maritime offers a number of motorcycle tours that will take you along beaches, cliffs, and rivers while you take in all that the province provides. On the Gaspésie Tou, on the Whale Route and at the Îles de la Madeleine, take advantage of the many activities on offer and discover a unique maritime culture. There really is no other place like it.

Stop And Appreciate The Scenery

Quebec Maritime is about a lot more than riding your bike. It would be a shame to visit and not head off the beaten path to explore a little of the local nature.

Quebec Maritime is sparsely populated and covers an enormous area of nearly 108,000 square miles. It has just about everything a nature lover could want, including a majestic river that widens into the sea, two mountain ranges, and a wide variety of wildlife.

Enjoying all of this nature couldn’t be easier or less intimidating. Stop by any of the nine national parks where you can gleefully wander along trails in the mountains or by the sea, observe caribou, admire the largest northern gannet colony in the world and simply relax and fill your lungs with the fresh air.

If you’re looking for a little adventure, why not head out to sea for a whale-watching cruise and learn more about the 13 species of cetaceans found in the area? Encounters with these magnificent animals is always enough to get your heart pounding.

Just Do It!

Not everybody likes to sit back and look at the scenery. Some people like to get out and be a part of things and Quebec Maritime has plenty to offer to those who want to stretch their legs and seek out adventure.

Whether you want to go for a run along the beach or hike through the mountains, the views are sure to make the effort more than worthwhile.

For those who are looking for something a little more challenging, how about a climb up into the trees to test your abilities on a rope trail or flying across a lake on a zip line? The truly adventurous can go rock climbing, kite surfing, kite buggying, and dirtbike riding. You don’t need to be an athlete – all you need is a taste for excitement and a dash of courage. Give it a try!

Discover A Unique Maritime Heritage

As much fun as it is to explore the land and the sea, you can’t really know everything about an area without learning about the people who live there.

Fortunately, Quebec Maritime is home to many museums and interpretation sites where you can learn about the lighthouses and those who kept them aglow. The area also has a long and close history with fishing, which is intimately tied to the lives of the first European settlers.

Be sure to visit natural sites that are anywhere from tens of thousands to hundreds of millions of years old! As well, Quebec Maritime boasts a rich artistic community, so be sure to explore the many exhibits, studios, and boutiques you will surely encounter along your route.

Plan Your Quebec Maritime Vacation

To plan your trip to Quebec Maritime, visit the official site for everything you need to organize a motorcycle trip you won’t soon forget.

An interactive map will help you plan your itinerary, while you’ll also find suggested scenic drives, information about how to get to and around Québec Maritime (including by ferry), as well as a host of ideas about what to see and do and where to eat and sleep. Staff Staff presents an unrivaled combination of bike reviews and news written by industry experts

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