Bikes and Babes of Daytona 1999

We tried to raise the editorial content with a high-brow Cormac McCarthy-styled article about BMW's K1200LT, but it went over with our readers like a lead balloon. We heard you, loud and clear, and we're going to come down from the high-falutin' rarified air of literature and culture and back to the grimy asphalt to give you what you really want.

(Note to the knucklehead who disliked the K1200LT story so much he ended his e-mail with "A former reader ..." Please remove the flag pole from your can and remember -- we're free, 24-7.)

So here it is, Motorcycle Online's annual pictorial celebrating the bacchanal, debauched excess of Bike Week, our Bikes and Babes of Daytona feature.

It's our most popular feature of the year. In fact, babe pictorials are always among MO's most popular features, two-year-old pictorials often outperforming stories linked from the home page.

Still, we receive the shrill e-mails -- the overwhelming majority from men, by-the-way -- objecting to our, well, objectification of women. We don't necessarily agree, but if the presence of this page bothers you, we strongly suggest you click here before we offend you even more.

One of the questions angry readers ask is what, if we were married, would our wives think? Scroll down to the two chicks in the picture second row center? Those are our old ladies. As you can see they are very close. Very close. Sometimes, when they're in the right mood, they just like us to watch. And videotape. They rule.

Anyway, enough of our editorializing. Also, to any of the ladies who have been asking for more equal-time exploitation, be sure to scroll on down and check out the shots of former Backstreet Boy Brent Plummer with full-time race-team owner and part-time gigolo Chuck Graves. There's also a picture of a paunchy dude on a chromed-out custom and, in the third row from the bottom, there's a shot of the George Clooney of the motorcycling industry, Erik Buell, imparting wisdom to his many disciples.

So sit back, get your mouse-clicking finger ready, clear your cache, make room on your hard drive and enjoy.

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