Allstate teams up with Dave Perewitz at Bike Week

Goal is to make roads safer

To help get the word out on the importance of motorcycle safety, insurance provider Allstate has teamed up with legendary motorcycle builder Dave Perewitz. Perewitz and Allstate are travelling to major events across the country, starting with Bike Week in Daytona, Fla.

“It was a good match to team up and promote Allstate, promote safety and do the Allstate Garage Tour and here we are,” Perewitz told “We just built Allstate a little bobber which will be on display down at the racetrack. That bike will be raffled off at the end of the year.”

According to Perewitz, people at Bike Week can come by and visit the Allstate Garage to talk to him or just relax. In fact, you could even do a virtual build and design a bike on a computer with Perewitz’s help. Visitors to the Allstate Garage can also sign up to win the bike Perewitz built for Allstate, take a seat in one of the massage chairs, cool off in the misting station or take advantage of the free internet access.

Dave Perewitz in front of one of his creations.

“I’m going to answer questions there and I’ll be there to sign autographs and pictures,” says Perewitz.

The primary focus of the partnership, however, is to promote safety for motorcycle riders. Perewitz says he and Allstate will be trying to get people to take the Rider’s Edge classes. For those that do take attend motorcycle safety classes, Allstate is offering special discounts on insurance.

One of Allstate’s main areas of safety concern is with accidents at intersections. Perewitz says that Allstate has purchased some “Intersection modules” that the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) introduced in 2007. The Intersection module was designed to teach drivers and motorcyclists how to stay safe at intersections and features a DVD and some written material. Allstate has donated the Intersection modules to local driving schools and libraries in the Orlando and Daytona area.

Allstate has created and is distributing safe riding and driving tip cards in preparation for the influx of motorcyclists coming to Daytona this and next week. The cards have tips for drivers on one side and riders on the other.

“It just gives you some high points of safety issues that pertain to motorcycles and issues that pertain to motorists,” says Perewitz. “Things motorcyclists can pay more attention and also things people in automobiles can definitely pay attention to. It’s basically awareness more than anything.”

If you’re wondering who Dave Perewitz is, he runs Perewitz Cycle Fabrications and has more than 30 years of experience riding, building, and customizing motorcycles. What began in his father’s backyard shed has progressed to a new, state-of-the-art facility in Massachusetts where Perewitz Cycle Fabrications has built bikes for many celebrities and sporting icons.

For more information on the Allstate Garage Tour, visit To see some of Dave Perewitz’s two-wheeled creations, visit

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