This guide contains a selection of boots ranging in price, manufacturer, style, and a little sex. We included a ladies-specific waterproof boot, the Dainese Svelte, but more exist for women from all of these manufacturers, as well as male-oriented boots from Dainese. Style, while largely sport-touringish, also includes adventure-touring, and traditional. Again, most manufacturers offer more than just the style boot chosen for this guide. About the only thing boot manufacturers don’t offer a selection of when it comes to waterproof winter boots is color. We hope you like black.

Pricing can be divided into two categories: those with Gore-Tex and those without. The higher-end, more expensive boots have Gore-Tex, while the more affordable models do not. That’s not to say non-Gore-Tex boots won’t keep your feet dry, but Gore-Tex does own the reputation as the most breathable waterproof lining, enabling better temperature stability regardless if you’re riding in the warm or cold. Gore-Tex also guarantees repair, replacement or refund of purchase price if you’re not satisfied with its product.

Waterproof, cold-weather footwear not mentioned in this guide are things like rubber overboots that transform any boot into a waterproof boot. These usually run about $20. Then there’s Dainese’s Copristivali overboots for $50. Another consideration, even if you own or plan to purchase waterproof boots, is a pair of waterproof Gore-Tex bootliners (socks) from KLIM. A nice $100 insurance package against your waterproof boots failing. For warmth, heated socks or insoles exists from a variety of manufacturers. Because these involve wires and electricity, the products demand some forethought, but if you’re riding in some seriously cold climes, installing electrically heated gear is worth the effort.

Most boot manufacturers offer waterproof, ankle-high models. We didn’t include any of those because if the boot’s only ankle high, water is gonna get inside, so why waterproof the boot? Alas, there’s no waterproof ankle boots in this buyers guide. Only boots we feel will provide true inclement weather protection.

Alpinestars S-MX Plus Gore-Tex

011215-buyers-guide-boots-alpinestars_s-mxPrice: $450

Size Range (Euro): 36-48

Colors: Black

Alpinestars’ S-MX Plus Gore-Tex boots are CE certified and feature an integrated, 100% waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex membrane to keep your feet comfortably dry in all conditions. The company’s Multi Link Control system and high modulus TPU protection is integrated into the boot’s chassis. The performance-oriented boots are outfitted with a replaceable TPU toe slider.

Alpinestars carries 16 boots listed with either a Gore-Tex or waterproof designation, ranging in price from $150-500, on its website.

BMW Gravel Boot

011215-buyers-guide-boots-bmw_gravel_bootPrice: $409

Size Range (Euro): 38-48

Colors: Black

BMW’s enduro Gravel boots are constructed from 2.4 – 2.6 mm thick leather with a water-resistant coating, and a breathable, wind- and waterproof Gore-Tex lining. Protection comes from large shinbone impact guard that is thermally remolded, stiffened, and foam-padded. There’s also a robust ankle guard made of molded plastic parts (also foam-padded), as well as heel and toe reinforcements. The Gravel boots are suitable for both long trips as well as everyday wear.

BMW carries four boots listed with a Gore-Tex designation, ranging in price from $249-409, on its website.

Dainese Svelte Lady Gore-Tex

011215-buyers-guide-boots-dainese_sveltaPrice: $290

Size Range (Euro): 36-42

Colors: Black

The Svelte Lady Gore-Tex boot is a female-specific offering from Dainese. The cowhide constructed touring boot features a breathable, waterproof Gore-Tex membrane, thermoformed inserts on the shin and ankle, a gear change guard, and a non-slip sole. Rear elastic bellows fit different calf shapes. Svelte boots are CE certified and feature reflecting inserts.

Dainese carries 7 boots listed with a Gore-Tex designation, ranging in price from $260-390, on its website.

Daytona Road Star GTX

011215-buyers-guide-boots-Daytona_Road_StarPrice: $450

Size Range (Euro): 36-51

Colors: Black

The Daytona Road Star Gore-Tex boots are hand-made German products. The Road Stars not only provide the protection and performance associated with Daytona boots but also deliver guaranteed dryness backed by a Gore-Tex membrane. The Road Stars feature velcro fasteners for different calf sizes, an anatomically formed climatic insole, plastic ankle protection, a plastic reinforced inner sole with a hot-dip galvanised steel inlay, and 3M-Scotchlite heel reflectors.

Daytona carries a whopping 28 boots listed with a Gore-Tex designation on its website. However, not all models are easily available stateside, and prices vary according to availability. None of Daytona’s boots are cheap, so prepare to pay for the inconvenience. US consumers can check out and purchase Daytona boots at

Firstgear Kathmandu

011215-buyers-guide-boots-firstgear_kathmanduPrice: $170

Size Range (US): 8-13

Colors: Black

Firstgear’s Kathmandu boots claim all-weather protection, and feature a waterproof, breathable, full-leather upper, but the boots do not use Gore-Tex (which is reflected in the price). So, if you’re willing to venture outside the Gore-Tex name brand, the Kathmandus offer an affordable alternative to the more expensive boots in this guide. The Kathmandus also feature a reinforced, shin, ankle and toe; molded, textured, rubber sole; and a hard rubber, reinforced toe shifter patch

Firstgear carries only two boots with a waterproof designation on its website ranging in price from $120 – 170.

Gaerne Flow Boots

011215-buyers-guide-boots-gaerne_flow_bootPrice: $210

Size Range (US): 4-13

Colors: Black

Like Firstgear, Gaerne is another boot company using its own breathable, waterproof liner instead of the name brand Gore-Tex. The company’s Flow boots are constructed with full-grain leather uppers, and lined with a Drytech membrane “perfected by Gaerne to ensure maximum comfort, insulation and breathability.” The Flows also feature reinforced insoles in nylon and cork, removable footbed, and gear shift lever protection.

Gaerne carries 5 boots listed with a Drytech membrane designation (not including MX boots), ranging in price from $175-270, on its website.

ICON Reign

011215-buyers-guide-boots-icon_reignPrice: $170

Size Range (US): 8-13

Colors: Black

ICON is the only boot manufacturer in this guide to use waterproof YKK zippers. The company’s Reign boot does not boast Gore-Tex, but is said to have a waterproof and breathable interior. Protection comes by way of durable leather and a ballistic nylon upper mated with injection molded shin and ankle plates. The lowers feature an axialmetric steel shank along with slip-resistant high friction outsoles.

ICON carries 3 boots listed as waterproof, ranging in price from $170-270, on its website.

Sidi Armada Gore-Tex

011215-buyers-guide-boots-sidi_armada_gore-texPrice: $400

Size Range (US): 7.5-13

Colors: Black

Sidi’s Armada boot is two boots in one. In a short moment, the wrap around upper, with ankle support beams, can be removed to transform the Armada from an adventure boot to a touring boot. Constructed of top-grain leather, the Armada features a Gore-Tex barrier between the elements and the rider’s feet. The Armadas also utilizes a full-length inner gaiter, a Cambrelle lining, inner toe protection, and padded shin plates.

Sidi carries 14 boots listed with the Gore-Tex or Rain designation, ranging in price from $215-550, on its website.

TCX X-Five EVO Gore-Tex

011215-buyers-guide-boots-tcx-x-five-waterproof-boots-black-mcssPrice: $250

Size Range (US): 3.5-14

Colors: Black

The X-Five EVO boot from TCX is the lowest priced boot with Gore-Tex in this guide. The X-Five EVO excels at a variety of riding types with a redesigned full grain leather upper, improved touring sole with specific grip area, and an integrated shift pad. The X-Five benefits from TCX’s Comfort Fit System (CFS) that “allows the boot to be shaped on a “mould” that faithfully reproduces the anatomy of the foot. Sounds comfy.

TCX carries 32 boots listed with the Gore-Tex or waterproof designation, ranging in price from $99-400, on its website.

Tourmaster Vintage 2.0 Road Boot

011215-buyers-guide-boots-tourmaster_VintagePrice: $115

Size Range (US): 7-14

Colors: Black

If you’re desiring a more traditional boot that’s still waterproof, look no further than Tourmaster’s Vintage 2.0 Road Boot. Constructed with 1.8mm to 2.0mm water-resistant leather, the Vintage 2.0 features a HiPora waterproof, breathable membrane. There are also removable foot beds, reinforced toe box, and high-tensile-strength thread stitched throughout the boot. At $115 the Vintage is the most affordably priced waterproof boot in this guide.
Tourmaster carries 6 waterproof boots, ranging in price from $105-130, on its website.