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Know someone who could use a few tips? Looking to learn a few new tricks yourself?

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Do you want to get even more enjoyment riding your motorcycle?

Well who doesn’t and you certainly can by having even more control over your bike in all situations.

Complete Rider can help with their new interactive book and online course that provides a wealth of real-world information about better, faster, safer motorcycle riding for any road rider of any skill or experience level.

Complete Rider is not just another riding skills publication, regurgitating the same old material that’s been around for years. We challenge the way some techniques like steering, braking and cornering are currently being taught and offer new and modern alternatives to better achieve these complex tasks. At Complete Rider we take a holistic view of the bike’s dynamics and the way that us as humans interact with our bike in both relaxed riding conditions as well as stressed emergency type situations. Complex riding skills and theories are broken down into easy to understand tasks so you are able to clearly comprehend why these techniques work so well.

We have experimented over many years of rider training and devised some basic techniques that work with our body’s natural reaction not against it. By introducing these basic actions into your riding they will be there for you when needed and you will very naturally, without thinking complete the correct tasks, be that for faster cornering, braking or taking evasive actions. The end result being a more confident rider which is what we all want to be.

In a break from the conformity Complete Rider is written anonymously. Why? Well it’s not about us it’s about the reader being the best rider they can be. We’ve left our ego behind so you can achieve the riding results you have always wanted and more. To help you realize these results, each important topic has a QR Code embedded video to reinforce the learning outcomes. Complete Rider is also published in left and right hand drive versions, so no matter where live or what side of the road you ride the diagrams and video’s are tailored to you, making the feel more user friendly.

This 160 page publication also touches on often misunderstood subjects like roadcraft, two up riding, maintenance, motorcycle gear and finishes with a comprehensive dills section so you can practice what you need to become perfect.

There are 3 ways to indulge in the information:

1/ Web based Flipbook. Read online with all the ‘how to’ videos just a click away

2/ Print book. This is an A4 full color print edition with the interactive ‘how to’ videos watched by scanning QR codes on any Wi-Fi or mobile device as many times as you like.

3/ Online Course. This course is basically the book on steroids. The information is presented with a backdrop of some of Australia’s greatest riding roads. Think of it like an interactive Moto Vlog. Participants can watch it as many times as they like and take the optional quizzes at the end of each chapter. They also gain access to the Flipbook for free, as part of enrollment.

For more information or to sample the book and course head over to

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