Aprilia Introduces The All-New RS 457

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff

Aprilia's latest entry-level sportbike closes the gap between its models in the US but also opens doors to new markets globally.

In a significant stride towards innovation, Aprilia has introduced the RS 457, a motorcycle that not only represents a leap forward in technology but also widens its appeal to new demographics and markets. This move comes as a response to the ever-growing global demand for accessible yet exhilarating motorcycles, positioning Aprilia as a brand with something for every customer.

At the heart of the RS 457 is a seamlessly integrated engine and a rigid aluminum frame, setting it apart in its segment. Drawing from Aprilia's decades of expertise and success in racetracks worldwide, the crankcase now functions as a load-bearing element, a design feature previously seen in the RS 660. This innovative approach ensures a low weight, exceptional dynamics, and the thrilling riding experience for which Aprilia is renowned.

The RS 457's electronic equipment is unparalleled, catering to a diverse range of riders while staying true to Aprilia's heritage. The Ride by Wire system, developed by Aprilia engineers, manages engine mapping through three distinct riding modes that modulate power, torque delivery, and traction control, all adjustable across three levels.

Michele Colaninno, CEO of the Piaggio Group, expressed his excitement about this new addition to the Aprilia family. He stated, "In recent years, the Aprilia brand has seen an intense burst of renewal, also supported by continued progress in the racing world. The recent introduction of the 660 family, with RS and Tuono first and Tuareg later, has expanded its target, creating a full and competitive range. We are now ready to take another step towards the future with an astonishing bike developed entirely in Noale, capable of stimulating and thrilling young people and opening up huge potential in new markets, near and far. It is a step closer to the globalization of a brand that has always had the perfect combination of technology, fun, and looking to the future in its DNA."

The RS acronym has long represented Aprilia's commitment to sportiness and innovation. These motorcycles, steeped in the brand's racing heritage, have consistently amazed riders around the world and served as an aspiration for entire generations. With a rich history of success in 2-stroke categories and a notable presence in SBK and MotoGP, Aprilia now returns to its core mission, aiming to captivate a new generation of motorcyclists by leveraging its global racing expertise.

Following the immense success of the Aprilia RS 660, which became Europe's best-selling sport bike in 2020, the RS 457 continues the winning formula. Developed entirely in Noale, Italy, the RS 457 serves as the link between the first 125 engines and the RS 660, completing the RS family that includes powerful V4 superbikes and the MotoGP-winning RS-GP.

Designed to appeal to a new generation of riders, the RS 457 boasts lightweight construction, ease of handling, and advanced technological features. Its ergonomic design includes clip-on handlebars above the upper triple clamp, striking a balance between sportiness and rider comfort.

Stylistically, the RS 457 pays homage to the legendary RS range, known for its aggressive aerodynamics and iconic design elements. Features such as the LED front headlamp and the 5-inch TFT color instrument display uphold the RS family's distinctive look.

Powering the Aprilia RS 457 is a state-of-the-art, liquid-cooled parallel twin-cylinder engine with double overhead camshaft and four valves per cylinder, delivering 47 horsepower. Notably, the motorcycle's dry weight stands at an impressive 350 lbs.

Complementing the engine is a stiff aluminum frame, a hallmark of Aprilia's design expertise honed through years of racing success. The frame, with the crankcase as a load-bearing element, ensures the low weight, dynamic performance, and riding pleasure that Aprilia is known for.

The RS 457's suspension system includes a 41 mm front fork providing 120 mm of travel and a rear monoshock with a steel swingarm offering 130 mm of wheel travel, both with preload adjustability. The braking system features a 320 mm front disc with a ByBre radial-mount 4-piston caliper and a 220 mm steel rear disc paired with a ByBre caliper. Dual-channel ABS with dual map settings ensures optimal braking performance.

The Aprilia RS 457 is equipped with a quickshifter (up and down) as an accessory for enhanced performance, in addition to its comprehensive electronic package.

With the introduction of the RS 457, Aprilia aims to set new standards in technology and style for motorcyclists worldwide, solidifying its commitment to performance and innovation.

Aprilia says bikes should be arriving Stateside in April 2024.

Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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