MO’s Project Yamaha MT-10SP Vs Aprilia Tuono V4 Factory

When I first set out to modify Yamaha’s MT-10 SP, the mission was to prove what we say here at MO all the time: that simple mods can transform a motorcycle. All I did was change the brake pads and rotors, swap out the exhaust, and reflash the ECU. After that was said and done, this new and improved MT-10 really is a blast to ride – and it all happened for under $1000. I really didn’t need the rotors either, so that could have saved an extra couple hundred bucks.

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MotoGP 2023 Season Preview

The opinions expressed by Mr. Allen do not reflect the views of the editorial staff here at In fact, we would be surprised if they reflect the views of anyone remotely familiar with the sport.

Grand prix motorcycle racing – MotoGP to aficionados – is a Eurocentric parlor game for the rich and not-so-famous. It involves undersized riders holding on for dear life to 1000cc bikes with astonishing power-to-weight ratios on road courses at venues on four continents, several of which are in countries one is not anxious to visit. It is almost impossible to find on American television. Riders receive trophies for finishing third. It is the little brother of F1. It is NASCAR’s mentally challenged foreign cousin.

However, for the few of you still reading, at its best, MotoGP is the best racing on the planet, a series of hair-raising encounters between riders and machines traveling at well over 100 mph in unbanked turns, separated by inches, with the difference between winning and not winning often measured in a few thousandths of a second. (By comparison, the autonomic blink of an eye takes around 100 milliseconds.)

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2022 Motorcycle of the Year

Each year, we gather as a staff for the task of choosing’s Motorcycle of the Year (MOTY). Sometimes the debate can be heated – and lengthy. This year, we reached consensus on the top two choices relatively easily. What caused the debate was the ranking of the two, but we were able to come to an agreement (some possibly reluctantly) as to their final standing. Remember, the MOTY is not about choosing the absolute best motorcycle of 2022. While the bike needs to be one of the best by winning one of our MO Best Of categories (MOBO), the bike needs to be something more; it needs to say something about the current state of motorcycling. The 2022 MOTY is no different. In fact, it was alone in winning two MOBO categories. When you combine the two, the motorcycle says a lot about its current class of motorcycles, in this case adventure-touring and value motorcycles. The 2022 Aprilia Tuareg 660 illustrates the continuing advancement and the maturity of the adventure-touring market.

2022 Aprilia Tuareg 660 Review – First Ride

Showdown: 2022 Aprilia Tuareg 660 vs. Yamaha Ténéré 700

Best Adventure Motorcycle of 2022: Aprilia Tuareg 660

Best Value Motorcycle of 2022: Aprilia Tuareg 660

The Aprilia Tuareg 660 represents the growing importance of the middleweight adventure market. Not only does it come in on the smaller end of the displacement scale, removing some of the barriers to entry to newer ADV riders, but also it comes with features that used to only be the province of heavyweight adventure machinery. Where the Tuareg really makes a statement, though, is how it provides these features for thousands of dollars less than its competitors. So, what we end up with is a lighter, less intimidating, and more flexible platform at a reasonable price. And that’s before we consider how it stacked up in MO’s tests this year.

How does Aprilia pull off this feat? First, the engine, with just minor retuning, is used across three different motorcycle models, helping to keep prices down while showing the versatility of the 660 Parallel-Twin. By virtue of having 75% of its 44.3 lb-ft of torque available at 3,000 for good off-road grunt yet still delivering an exciting top end when revved out, the Tuareg excels in the two most important areas for an ADV bike: crawling around in the dirt and cruising the highways to get there.

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Best Adventure Motorcycle of 2022

It was a hard choice between winner and runner-up in the Adventure category which means we’re the real winners. There are so many great options not only in the middleweight category, but also the genre as a whole. The Ducati and Aprilia are two of the latest entrants into the segment and the Tuareg managed to eke out the win for precisely the reason we’ve seen it twice now in our MOBO selection – its exceptional value proposition.

2022 Aprilia Tuareg 660 Review – First Ride

The 660cc Parallel Twin-powered Tuareg proved its versatility during our long ride off-road and on from Sturgis to Los Angeles during our August Showdown. It was Evans’ and my preferred steed for the long stints on the street and gave up little if anything when the trail got bumpy. Further showing its versatility was the fact that Evans and I had the same observations despite our different levels of off-road proficiency. Being able to adjust the electronics to suit the ride really helps the tailor the Tuareg for a large swath of riders. The fact that it’s smaller in stature and displacement also helps those new to riding or the ADV scene to feel less intimidated while allowing them to enjoy their first foray into the unknown.

For Aprilia to knock it out of the park with the first really well-rounded adventure machine certainly deserves praise, and like we mentioned before, the Italian marque has managed to do so while providing a great value relative to any motorcycle segment – not just for an ADV bike. And it’s for those reasons that we’re giving the Aprilia Tuareg our Best Adventure Motorcycle of the Year award.

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Best Value Motorcycle of 2022

It’s been a few years since an adventure-style moto made its way into this category – though with the popularity of the class still truckin’ along, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see another ADV rip its way into the ranks of the Best Value category. For 2022, the Aprilia Tuareg boldly displays its impressive package starting at $11,999. While $12k isn’t an insignificant sum, what you get for your money with the Tuareg transcends from being an excellent value in the ADV world to an excellent value overall.

2022 Aprilia Tuareg 660 Review – First Ride

We’ve seen Aprilia’s new 660 platform stuffed into a sportbike, naked, and now adventure machines. The new Parallel Twin is a versatile mill that has been tuned to fit each of those categories. With the Tuareg, the engine has been tuned to deliver 75% of its available torque from 3,000 rpm, which turns into 85% when you hit 4,500 rpm; it also has 10% lower gearing than the other 660-powered siblings. On the dyno, rear wheel power translated to 68 hp at 9200 rpm and 44.3 lb-ft at 6500 rpm. The Tuareg likes to be spun up a bit more than others, like the Yamaha Ténéré, but it still delivers smooth forward punch throughout the low to mid-range.

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2023 Aprilia RS660 Extrema First Look

Aprilia is celebrating the success of the RS660 worldwide (and claiming it’s the best-selling sportbike in Europe) with this – the RS660 Extrema, the sportiest version of the RS660 family. The name is modeled after that of the Aprilia 125 Extrema, one of the highest-performing and fastest eighth-liter bikes ever, manufactured from 1992 to 1994.

The highlight feature of the Extrema is the SC Project exhaust system, which now exits on the right side of the bike instead of underneath it on the standard RS660. A black aluminum anodized exhaust bracket replaces the stock passenger pegs, thus saving weight. Further weight reduction comes from the carbon fiber front fender and bellypan. The single-seat tail fairing replaces the passenger seat (which, when shaped like that, probably doesn’t see much use anyway). When all is said and done, Aprilia says the RS660 Extrema tips the scales at 366 lbs (166 kg).

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Aprilia Looks To The Future With The ELECTRICa Project

This supermoto-ish-looking thing is Aprilia‘s “vision of mobility for the youngest riders of the near future.” So, forget Millenials or even Gen Z, this Aprilia ELECTRICa project is aimed at Generation Alpha – a cohort of kids who, at the oldest end of the spectrum, are currently in junior high school.

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EICMA 2022: Milan Motorcycle Show Coverage

The apex of motorcycle announcement season is here! EICMA, the world’s largest motorcycle show, happens this week in Milan, Italy! While most of the excitement will take place on Tuesday, November 8th, the show itself goes on from the 8th-13th, with the public being allowed in the facility for the last days. Every year the Italian Trade Agency invites editors and distributors from around the world to attend the show so, for 2022, Ryan Adams will be reporting live from the Fiera Milano exhibition grounds, giving access to information and photos that sites dependent on press releases can only dream of.

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Aprilia Introduces The Most Extreme RSV4 Yet - The XTrenta

To celebrate 30 years since Aprilia won its first world championship title, Aprilia (or, more appropriately, the racing division) is introducing this, the RSV4 Xtrenta. Encompassing the same basic profile the RSV4 has carried since its birth over a decade ago, the Xtrenta is defined by the level of aerodynamic work the Noale factory has applied from its MotoGP program.

Since aero is the hot topic in MotoGP racing today, let’s start there. The XTrenta sports the huge front wing just below and beside the nose that has become so commonplace lately. Interestingly, Aprilia claims this wing not only creates more downforce for the front wheel but also reduces drag at the same time.

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Showdown: 2022 Aprilia Tuareg 660 Vs. Yamaha Tenere 700

As we motored slaunchways across Utah, the late daylight stretched our shadows and cast golden hues against the tall canyon walls, further accentuating the contrast between the rust colored ancient seabeds peppered with lush green juniper and muted sage. The lavender sky over Bryce faded as we continued westward on Hwy 12. Refusing to pack a second visor for my Shoei Hornet X2, I lifted the dark smoke shield as I led our crew into the dark dense forest, keeping my line of sight just above the Ténéré’s windscreen in an attempt to protect my peepers from the onslaught of kamikaze insects. In a further showing of stubbornity, I refused to roll back off the throttle while the only bit of light left – aside from what the Ténéré’s quite ample quad headlight offered – was a thick crimson band at the horizon, the bottom punctured by spire-like tree tops.

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THUNDERATION - MotoGP 2022 Cleared for Takeoff

[Note: The half-baked opinions, mis-statements of fact and otherwise actionable slurs below do not represent the views of In fact, we are surprised if they represent the views of anyone at all.]

MotoGP, the fastest sport on two wheels in the known universe, is back for what promises to be one of the most competitive seasons in history. Twelve well-financed teams. 24 riders, of whom only a handful can be excluded from consideration for multiple podium appearances during a 21-round campaign stretching from the streets of Indonesia to the jungles of South America to the Gulf of Finland. And the machines, hand-built to inconceivable tolerances, with power-to-weight ratios comparable to strapping a pair of big Evinrude outboards on the back end of a dinghy.

In the past ten seasons, only four men have claimed the title of MotoGP world champion. Jorge Lorenzo, gone but not forgotten, won it all during his Yamaha days in 2012 and 2015. Joan Mir, the young Spanish speedster with the girl’s name, claimed his win in 2020*, winning a single race in a season decimated by Covid. French heartthrob Fabio Quartararo became a world champion in 2021*.

*The asterisks signify seasons in which Spanish king of kings, Marc Marquez, who won the other six titles during the period, was injured or trying to return from injury. It doesn’t require much imagination to suggest that, had Marquez been healthy, both Mir and Quartararo would have watched him claim his seventh and eighth premier class crowns. For those of you new to the sport, he is the Michael Jordan, the Tom Brady, of grand prix motorcycle racing. Those of us who watched him during those years remain unworthy to loosen the thongs of his sandals.

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Best Sportbike of 2021

Before you start peppering me with hate mail about how on earth a Yamaha R7 could possibly be the best Sportbike, let’s remember what our MOBOs are about in the first place. It’s not strictly about performance. If that were the case, then clearly the Yamaha would be pretty far down the totem pole. How the machine works is a factor, sure, but it’s also about a motorcycle’s significance in the greater overall context of its category and motorcycling in general. Considered in this context, the R7 should start to make a little more sense. 

We have to start, obviously, with its performance. The R7 is one of my favorite motorcycles to ride on a racetrack, regardless of displacement. Its torque-heavy 689cc Twin is fun to exploit, and its flexy-flier chassis brings me back to my Suzuki SV650 roots. Riding one of these quickly requires a mastery of the fundamentals. There’s no cheating. You also can’t lean on electronics to act as a safety net. The R7 has nothing but ABS. Get it right and it’s extremely rewarding. As I said in my First Ride of the R7, this bike is sport riding distilled. Just man and machine. It’s pure. I like that. 

Then, as we look at the bigger picture, the R7 comes in under $9000, re-opening the sportbike category to a wider range of would-be enthusiasts – and lord knows this category needs an injection of enthusiasm again. Combine these two factors, and to us anyway, picking the Yamaha R7 as our Sportbike of the year is fitting.

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2022 Aprilia Tuono 660 Factory First Look

Aprilia unveiled a new Factory version of the Tuono 660, equipping it with improved suspension and a lightweight lithium-ion battery.

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2022 Aprilia RS 660 Limited Edition First Look

To celebrate its successful campaign in the MotoAmerica Twins Cup, Aprilia is releasing a new limited edition RS 660 in stars and stripes livery.

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EICMA 2021: Milan Motorcycle Show Coverage

After skipping last year because of the global pandemic, the world’s largest motorcycle show is back for 2021. EICMA returns to Milan, Italy, on Nov. 23-28, and we’ll be providing full coverage on Every year the Italian Trade Agency invites editors and distributors from around the world to attend the show so, for 2021, Ryan Adams will be reporting live from the Fiera Milano exhibition grounds.

This year’s show looks to be smaller than in years past, as some notable manufacturers decided not to attend and instead hold their own model launch announcements. BMW announced it would no longer take part in either EICMA or the biennial Intermot show in Cologne, Germany. KTM has likewise decided to skip the Milan show, which means we shouldn’t expect its sister brands Husqvarna and GasGas to be in Milan either. Perhaps the most notable absentee from this year’s show is Ducati, which usually holds an extravagant launch event just ahead of the EICMA press days but opted to skip its home show in favor of a series of online presentations.

Despite having three of the largest European motorcycle manufacturers not attending, the 2021 EICMA show will still be the largest industry event in more than a year, with several new model announcements expected.

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