LiveWire Releases 2023 S2 Del Mar Specifications

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Claimed output of 84 hp and 194 lb-ft.

LiveWire has released the final specifications for the S2 Del Mar, as the brand’s second electric motorcycle gets closer to launch. LiveWire actually announced the Del Mar last May, with all 100 available pre-order Launch Edition models scooped up in 18 minutes, despite having only preliminary specifications announced. In some areas, such as the claimed range, the final specs exceed the initial targets, but in others (such as the weight) fell a bit short.

The Del Mar was originally supposed to launch this spring, but as Harley-Davidson announced in its Q4 report in February, the launch has been pushed back to the second half of the year. We’re now a couple of weeks into the second half, and while we still don’t know the official launch date, we now know full technical details about the Del Mar.

Powered by LiveWire’s S2 Arrow architecture, the Del Mar claims a peak output of 84 hp, up from the initial estimate of 80 hp. The torque output was not previously announced, but LiveWire now officially claims a peak of 194 lb-ft. By comparison, the LiveWire One claims an output of 100 hp, but just 84 lb-ft. LiveWire also claims a 0-60 mph time of 3 seconds for both the Del Mar and the LW1.

While power output is higher than anticipated, the Del Mar’s official curb weight of 436 pounds comes in just a bit higher than the announced target weight of 430 pounds. That still puts the Del Mar as being significantly lighter than the LW1 which claims 562 pounds.

Some of that weight difference is due to a lower capacity battery. The LiveWire One’s Rechargeable Energy Storage System (what the company calls its battery) is rated at 15.4 kWh while the S2 Del Mar has a nominal capacity of 10.4 kWh. LiveWire claims the Del Mar has a range of 113 miles of city riding, which is higher than the initial target of 100 miles, but lower than the LiveWire One’s claimed 146-mile city range. For highway riding, LiveWire claims the Del Mar gets 70 miles at a sustained speed of 55 mph, and 86 miles if you’re keeping a speed of 70 mph.

Unlike the LiveWire One, the Del Mar does not use DC Fast Charging, relying instead on Level 2 and Level 1 charging. LiveWire claims the Del Mar can go from a 0-100% charge in 8.4 hours on a Level 1 (i.e. standard 110v outlet) charger and from 20-80% in 6 hours. With a Level 2 charger, LiveWire claims a 0-100% time of 142 minutes and 20-80% in 78 minutes.

The Del Mar uses a modular cast aluminum frame and cast aluminum swingarm. Up front, the Del Mar is equipped with a fully adjustable Showa 43 mm inverted cartridge fork, while the rear is equipped with a Showa Free Piston monoshock with progressive linkage and adjustable preload and rebound damping. Suspension travel is 4.73 inches front and back.

Brembo provides a single M4.32 monoblock four-piston front brake caliper and a PF34 rear single-piston caliper. Cornering ABS comes standard, along with cornering traction control and a drag-torque slip control system.

The front wheel is a 19x3.0 10-spoke cast aluminum wheel, while a 19x3.5 wheel spins at the back. Dunlop supplies its DT-1 tires, with a 130/80-19 67H up front and a 140/80-19 71H at the back.

A circular 4.0-inch TFT display is the centerpiece of the infotainment center, with phone connectivity via Bluetooth. The S2 Del Mar is also equipped to receive over-the-air updates (OTA). At launch, OTA functionality will include software updates, mobile phone app pairing, event detection, horn and light control via app, and a tire pressure monitoring system via app. The app will also offer navigation and weather information, roadside assistance, a digital copy of the owner’s manual and maintenance schedule, plus a mobile wallet to store license and insurance.

The 2023 LiveWire S2 Del Mar will be available in Nimbus Gray, Nightfall Blue, or Asphalt Black, with an MSRP of $15,499.

2023 LiveWire S2 Del Mar Specifications


LiveWire S2 Arrow

0-60 Time

3.0 seconds

Top Speed

103 mph


84 hp (claimed)

Electric Motor Torque

194 lb-ft. (claimed)

High-Voltage Battery

10.5 kWh nominal

Charge Plug

J1772 type 1

Level 1 20-80%

5.9 hours (claimed)

Level 1 0-100%

8.4 hours (claimed)

Level 2 20-80%

78 minutes (claimed)

Level 2 0-100%

142 minutes (claimed)


Six-axis IMU, cornering enhanced antilock braking, drag-torque slip control system, cornering enhanced traction control system


Modular cast aluminum


Cast aluminum

Front Fork

Showa fully adjustable 43 mm inverted 1x1 cartridge forks, 4.73 inches of travel

Rear Shocks

Showa free piston monoshock with progressive linkage, adjustable preload & rebound damping, 4.73 inches of travel

Front Wheel

19x3.0 10-spoke cast aluminum black

Rear Wheel

19x3.5 10-spoke cast aluminum black

Front Brake

Brembo m4.32 front monoblock 4-piston caliper, with floating front disc

Rear Brake

Brembo PF34 rear 1-piston floating caliper, fixed rotor


All led, low beam, high beam and signature position lamp


87 inches

Seat Height, Laden

30.9 inches

Seat Height, Unladen

32.2 inches

Ground Clearance

6.5 inches




3.6 inches


57.2 inches

Front Tire

Dunlop DT-1 130/80-19 67H

Rear Tire

Dunlop DT-1 140/80-19 71H

Curb Weight

436 lb. (claimed)


4-inch TFT color display

Livewire Connect

Yes - app/phone supported



Bluetooth Connectivity

Phone and media supported


Over-the-air enabled


App based

Motorcycle Warranty

2-year unlimited mileage

Battery Warranty

5-year unlimited mileage (30% degradation)

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Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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  • SRL SRL on Jul 19, 2023

    Double the range and half the price and I'm in.

    • John John on Aug 20, 2023

      Don't forget the 8h charge time or even finding a charger while out, and telling everyone I'm gonna need it for the next 8hours.. Laughable 70miles. This is far from anything a real motorcycle enthusiast would want!

  • Shahriar Rahman Shahriar Rahman on Jul 23, 2023

    I saw this in the flesh yesterday at the Bike Shed Moto Co. meetup in LA, the largest gathering of electric motorcycles in one meetup. I was not crazy about it when I saw the photos of it last year but man, it looks STUNNING in the flesh. I know the mileage is a no-go for some but for city commuters who can afford the price, it's actually a GREAT value. I feel the money saved on gas and maintenance (there is nothing to maintain!) will recoup the price difference from a cheap gas bike in about 7 years. Though the battery will lose 20-25% charge by then, it's still GREAT fun not needing to shift and the silence!