GasGas Is On The Hunt For A New Street Ambassador

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Do skids and wheelies speak to your soul? Then maybe you have the stuff GasGas is looking for.

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Who’s ready to become a GASGAS street ambassador? After taking our first steps onto the street with the launch of our SM 700 in 2022, we’re now looking to hook someone up with a brand-new, customized bike (an SM 700, of course!), a spare parts budget, some cool, custom-made GASGAS leathers, as well as exclusive invites to GASGAS events. Sound good? Think you’re the right person for the job? Well, what we need is someone who’s just as passionate about riding as we are. Someone with the ability to film and create content featuring all the good times they’re guaranteed to have with the SM 700. If that’s you, get ready, fire up the ‘gram, and show us your skills and creativity.
  • GASGAS is looking for a new street ambassador
  • Ride a customized SM 700 for one year
  • Represent GASGAS while doing what you love!

Read all of our requirements, right here!

Representing GASGAS while riding an SM 700 is what this is all about. We’re looking for someone who loves street riding and all that it represents, someone that enjoys good times on two wheels (any day on a bike is better than a good day at work, right?), and most of all is passionate about recording and sharing their unique and fun experiences. We want someone that’s super enthusiastic, bursting with energy, and has the courage to do things their way.

For aspiring, or maybe established content creators, here’s exactly what we’re looking for. We’re after a one-minute video that really catches the attention of anyone watching, as this is the kinda content we’ll want from the lucky person who gets their hands on an awesome SM 700. Tell us who you are, what GASGAS means to you, and give a flavor of your ideas in the most creative way possible while showing us your riding skills. And who knows, it could be you we call up in a few weeks’ time.

So, do you think you have what it takes to become an ambassador for our SM 700? If you do, hit this link for all the essential details and to register, then upload your content to your channels using #GASGASStreetAmbassador and maybe, just maybe, an SM 700 will be on its way to you very, very soon!

Head to the website now and move one step closer to becoming our GASGAS street ambassador!

Press Release
Press Release

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