Craigslist Ad O' the Day: 1993 KX500

John Burns
by John Burns
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craigslist ad o the day 1993 kx500

$9500 seems a bit high for a 27-year old dirtbike, but a street-going KX500 stroker probably is one-of-a-kind, and the seller does make a good case for why. Wonder if anybody makes a cruise control kit?

1993 KX500 street legal, CA plate – $9500 (Sylmar, CA)

You aren’t going to find another one, legit registered with DMV. I’ve had it for years and no problems renewing the registration. Price is high to weed out the weak and retarded. Makes Prius drivers cry and small children think that the world isn’t so bad after all.

I wouldn’t sell it, but I’ve got 4 ruptured discs and a daughter. I’d prefer to be buried on it, but the wife is jealous. Rebuilt motor, forks, shock, frame bearings, wheel bearings, good tires, wiring redone. All Kawasaki parts in the engine, all new Kawi bearings, Wossner connecting rod, Kawi piston. LED blinkers, PVL Stator, UNI filter, LED Headlight, Pro Circuit Pipe, FMF Silencer. Clark desert tank, nice aluminum kickstand, sprung with Racetech springs for 200#. Jetted for 32:1 Yamalube and 91 at 1500′. Fires right up and drops panties at 250 yards. Eats 450’s for lunch, if you’re able to hold on.

Email only because I don’t have time to listen to bullshit, cash only because that’s how it goes. I can email a video of it running just as soon as you’d like. No shipping, Nigerian 3rd party checks, no sob stories about how your kid/dog is sick and your sister’s cousin’s boyfriend’s uncle lost his job last month, I don’t give a s**t.

(Rest of ad is here if you’re interested.)

John Burns
John Burns

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