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The Shoei J-Cruise II helmet is now available in North America.

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All-new Shoei J-Cruise II Helmet Announced for North America

SHOEI® Safety Helmet Corp is excited to announce the arrival of the all-new J-Cruise II to North American dealers.


Motorcyclists around the globe have enjoyed the one-with-the-road experience of the SHOEI J-Cruise for years. The safety and performance of a premium helmet combined with innovative luxury features and the exhilarating freedom that comes with the J-Cruise suits riders of nearly every motorcycling discipline. Featuring SHOEI’s latest technological advances and benefiting from the evolution of several SHOEI-exclusive features, the all-new J-Cruise II revolutionizes the category once again. Not your average open-face helmet, the J-Cruise II is compact, lightweight, aerodynamic, and packed full of innovative technology. Featuring a lengthened internal sun shield for optimal sun-glare protection, all-new “first position” shield opening for advanced ventilation and defogging, enhanced aerodynamics, ventilation and noise-reduction technology, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with the SENA SRL/SRL2 Communication Systems, the J-Cruise II does it all while keeping you safe and connected with the road ahead.


The all-new J-Cruise II has been designed to seamlessly integrate with the optional SENA SRL/SRL2 Communication Systems* with ease and precision. Jointly designed by SENA and SHOEI, the SRL and SRL2 are sleek in appearance and install effortlessly, allowing for the J-Cruise II’s advanced safety and performance to remain intact. With a simple 3-button control, riders can pair to their smartphones to listen to music, hear GPS directions, talk on the phone and more. The intelligent Audio Multitasking feature allows you to simultaneously listen to music and talk to other riders via intercom, and the Universal Intercom technology makes the SRL/SRL2 compatible with other non-SENA Bluetooth systems.*SRL and SRL2 are specially developed for SHOEI and are sold exclusively by SENA. For more information on the SENA SRL/SRL2 Communication Systems, visit


Developed and refined in SHOEI’s in-house wind tunnel, the all-new J-Cruise II boasts aerodynamic improvements in all relevant performance categories (as compared to its predecessor). Thanks to a more compact, aerodynamic shell shape that features an integrated spoiler, along with strategically-shaped air intake and exhaust vent covers that help streamline the helmet’s overall profile, the J-Cruise II significantly reduces the load placed on a rider’s head. The aerodynamic performance of the J-Cruise II has been improved by the following reductions: Lift (upward lift force): -7%; Drag (forward drag force): -1%; Yawing (horizontal pull force at high speed): -43%.
*Reference value comparison measured using SHOEI’s in-house wind tunnel testing facilities(J-Cruise II vs. J-Cruise).


In addition to the J-Cruise II’s improved aerodynamics, enhancements to its shell shape also reduce wind noise around the helmet. The combination of optimal shell and shield aerodynamics, liner components designed to prevent unwanted road noises from entering through the bottom of the helmet, an all-new window beading that provides a wind and waterproof seal, and the shield’s integrated air dam total dramatic increases in overall riding comfort by reducing wind turbulence inside the shell. Additionally, refinements made to the shell opening that allows the internal sun shield mechanism’s metal wires to pass through to the activation switch also contributes to an overall reduction of unwanted noise inside the helmet.CJ-2


The J-Cruise II’s CJ-2 shield provides a massive field of vision and protects against 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. SHOEI’s 3D injection-molding process ensures a distortion-free view throughout the entire field of vision, and the integrated air dam at the bottom edge of the shield increases rigidity and reduces wind turbulence inside the helmet. Coupled with the all-new CJ-2 base plate system, shield changes and base plate functions have never been smoother. Thanks to advancements made to the CJ-2 base plate gear, the J-Cruise II’s all-new “first position” shield opening allows riders to enjoy enhanced venting and defogging without excess wind distractions. SHOEI’s patented spring-loaded base plate technology along with the all-new airtight window beading helps prevent wind and water from entering into the helmet. The J-Cruise II also features a shield locking mechanism for secure closure and easy opening.*To maximize safety, always have the shield in the fully closed position when riding at high speeds.QSV-2


The J-Cruise II’s all-new, built-in QSV-2 sun shield is 5mm longer and gives riders improved, instant relief from sun glare in one quick motion. A large, easily located switch activates the 3D injection-molded inner shield, and the distortion-free view blocks 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays just like the CJ-2 external shield that lies ahead. Additionally, refinements made to the shell opening that allows the internal sun shield mechanism’s metal wires to pass through to the activation switch helps contribute to an overall reduction of unwanted noise inside the J-Cruise II’s shell. An all-new sun shield locking lever makes the removal and installation of the QSV-2 internal sun shield smooth and easy.
*The QSV-2 Internal Sun Shield exceeds ANSI Z80.3-2010 Standard for non-prescription eyewear.


The ventilation performance of a helmet is a crucial feature, as overheating while riding can have a direct impact on rider fatigue and safety. Improving the ventilation performance of theJ-Cruise II (while reducing noise inside the helmet) was a primary goal while evolving the design of its predecessor, and after valuable time spent in SHOEI’s in-house wind tunnel facilities, we’ve achieved exactly that. Adding an extra intake hole to the 3-position upper air ventilation system increases the volume of air entering the helmet by approximately 30%. Simultaneously, several revised top air outlet vent shapes were investigated during wind tunnel testing in an effort to improve hot air exhaust efficiency. As a result, the J-Cruise II’s patent-pending top air outlet improves hot air expulsion by 20% without the need for additional outlet holes.*Reference value comparison measured using SHOEI’s in-house wind tunnel testing facilities(J-Cruise II vs. J-Cruise).


Few characteristics of a motorcycle helmet are as critical as its first layer of defense, which is precisely why the all-new J-Cruise II features the SHOEI-exclusive Multi-Ply Matrix AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix) Shell construction. Combining fiberglass with lightweight organic and high-performance fibers, the J-Cruise II’s proprietary AIM Shell structure provides optimal impact-absorption, strength, and elasticity. The forehead area of the outer shell is raised slightly to accommodate the internal sun shield, allowing for the integrity of the helmet’s inner EPS liner to remain intact.DOT Certifed, the J-Cruise II’s AIM Shell comes in four (4) shell sizes to ensure a custom fit for heads between the sizes of XS-XXL (6 helmet sizes total).


The J-Cruise II’s Multi-Piece/Multi-Density EPS Liner not only provides enhanced impact absorption by utilizing varying densities of foam in strategic locations, it is designed to allow cooling air to travel unrestricted through tunnels created in the EPS, further enhancing the J-Cruise II’s optimal ventilation characteristics. Precise placement of high-quality multi-density EPS material yields a more compact, lightweight design. The forehead area of the outer shell is raised slightly to accommodate the internal sun shield, allowing for the integrity of the helmet’s inner EPS liner to remain intact.


After years of successful use and satisfaction on SHOEI helmet models in Europe and other regions around the world, the all-new J-Cruise II features the SHOEI Micro
Ratchet Chinstrap. With a 100% stainless steel interlocking mechanism, our patented Micro Ratchet Chinstrapsystem is comfortable, easily-adjustable, and offers a quick, smooth, and secure closure. Additionally, the J-Cruise II Micro Ratchet Chinstrap system is equipped with a D-ring for locking the helmet to a motorcycle’s helmet holding mechanism.


The J-Cruise II is equipped with a fully removable, washable, adjustable, and replaceable 3D Max-Dry Interior System capable of dissipating sweat 2x faster than traditional nylon interiors. Featuring a hybrid of moisture absorbent, quick-drying material in areas that cover the cheeks and brow, along with soft, raised fabric in areas that tend to rub against the rider’s face during helmet removal, the J-Cruise II interior provides the optimal balance between plushness and performance. Multi-layer cheek pads deliver added comfort and helmet stabilization, and a premium synthetic leather material along the lower edge of the cheek pad provides durability and an extra touch of style. Like all current SHOEI helmet models, optional-sized liner components are available for the J-Cruise II to customize the fit, as needed.


J-Cruise II Pricing (Solids & Metallics): $549.00*MSRP subject to change / U.S. pricing only.

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