Speed And Strength Reveals 2019 Collection

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Speed and Strength has come out with its rear tires smoking to announce the 2019 Collection. Watch the video, then head on over to the company website to see what gear they have available for you.

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Speed and Strength Announces Fall 2019 Collection

Irvine, CA (September 5, 2018)- Speed and Strength is excited to announce the official release of the Fall 2019 collection. Key pieces headlining the collection include the Run with the Bulls Armored Hoody, Rust and Redemption 2.0™ Jacket, Street Savvy Jacket and Cat Out’a Hell Yoga Moto Pants. Led by Culture, Style and Performance, every Speed and Strength product is developed for riders of all levels, colors and creed.

“We are excited to launch the new 2019 collection. The product range consists of an amazing assortment of men’s and women’s apparel and helmets that perfectly compliment the current Speed and Strength range. These new styles are great for any level of rider looking for something that sets themselves apart from the status quo. Bold designs that provide the style and protection needed when things get sketchy.” Stated Rob Ramlose, Director of Brands for the MAG Apparel Group.

“Today we get to release a fully integrated marketing campaign built around our Fall 2019 collection. Speed and Strength dealers and consumers will start to see traditional advertising and experiential marketing efforts from our brand. Our number one goal is to increase brand awareness and build foot traffic thru dealer doors.” Stated Speed and Strength Marketing Manager Kobi Iseri

To learn more about the all-new Speed and Strength Fall 2019 collection, please visit ssgear.com and your local authorized dealer.

Fall 2019 Collection Product Video:

Digital catalog can be viewed by clicking the following link: http://online.fliphtml5.com/lxnd/pksx/

About Speed and Strength

Founded in 2008, the Speed and Strength brand is the epitome of the anti-establishment street rider led by Culture, Style, and Performance.

CULTURE-Developed for riders of all levels, color and creed that consider them self a rebel to the status quo of the common rider with a primary emphasis on sportbikes and V-Twins.

STYLE-Speed and Strength’s mission is to develop safety riding gear that exudes the edgy culture of urban and canyon street riding through bold, aggressive product and marketing designs.

PERFORMANCE-Proverbial road rash lies at every turn. Our soul mission is to merge premium-grade materials, body armor and performance through design to enhance your ride while minimizing bodily damage.

Press Release
Press Release

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