DigiNow Announces Supercharger V2.5 For Zero Motorcycles

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DigiNow Supercharger V2.5 can charge a Zero Motorcycle from 0-80% in as little as 36 minutes.

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DigiNow is announcing today the latest update to their SuperCharger product lineup – SuperCharger V2.5. SuperCharger V2.5 allows Zero Motorcycle riders the option to charge faster than ever before on the nation’s ever-expanding EV charging networks. In addition to allowing existing Zero riders the ability to finally ditch their gasoline powered bikes for those all-day rides and long distance journeys, SuperCharger V2.5 also provides new potential Zero buyers who have fear of range anxiety with total peace of mind in going electric. For the first time, motorcyclists can enjoy all the benefits of all-electric Zero Motorcycle ownership (instant and powerful electric torque, no powertrain maintenance, penny-per-mile energy cost, no heat or exhaust fumes, etc.) while completely eliminating the primary drawback of long distance riding ability. Learn more about Zero Motorcycles at zeromotorcycles.

In addition to numerous design, performance, battery health and safety related updates, SuperCharger V2.5 also includes many requested features based on direct customer feedback from V1 and V2 SuperCharger users.

SuperCharger V2.5

  • Full system integration with Zero Motorcycle’s Battery Management System (BMS) to ensure battery longevity, safety and maximum charging speeds.

  • Powerful charging options ranging from 6.6 kW to 9.9 kW providing over 5x to 7.5x (respectively) faster charging than Zero’s standard 1.3 kW onboard charger.

  • 0-80% charge in as little as 36 minutes with 9.9kW SuperCharger and 50 minutes with 6.6 kW SuperCharger (based on Zero Motorcycle 13.0 kWh models).

  • Lightweight and compact design allowing either the 6.6 kW or 9.9 kW unit to fit in the same location occupied by Zero’s 1.3 kW onboard charger with included SuperCharger belly pan.

  • Automatically adjusts charging speed based on battery voltage and temperature to ensure long term battery health.

  • User configurable option to dramatically increase the motorcycle’s battery life by allowing user to hold charge at a desired percentage (i.e. only charge to 80% every night, similar to Daily/Trip charging options in Tesla vehicles). Zero Motorcycles currently does not offer this option so the motorcycle always charges to 100% which has shown to negatively affect longevity of lithium ion batteries.

  • Current SuperCharger V2 users can upgrade simply by purchasing the drop-in V2.5 Control Board.

For sales inquiries, please contact morgan@diginow.it

Press Release
Press Release

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