Dainese Pop Up Shop at Union Garage NYC Now Online

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Shop the Dainese Settantadue collection below, and if you’re in NYC, do yourself a favor and stop in to Union Garage. It’s a cool store, in a cool part of town.

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The Dainese Settantadue Pop-Up is now online. If you’re not within striking distance of NYC, click the pictures below to explore the collection. There you will also see some of our favorite D72 products.

If you *are* able to make it down in person, don’t forget to stop in and fill out the free entry form inside the Pop-Up — which enters you to win a free Settantadue jacket of your choice. Winners will be announced after the close of the Pop-Up run on May 20.

NOTE: We will be running extended hours on Thursdays and Fridays through the duration of the pop-up run, staying open an extra hour through 8PM this and next week.

Join us for a morning escape from NYC this Saturday at 8AM. We’ll be opening the shop by 7AM for any last minute gear needs, and time pending, a quick shot of espresso.

As with previous “ Poke the Bear” rides, the goal is to get up to the Bear Mountain are then regroup at pre-determined location. Think of these rides as a motivational device to get out of bed early, and subsequently, to find yourself upstate on a motorcycle by mid-morning.

Disclaimer: Riding in a big group can be cumbersome and dangerous. We encourage everyone to ride responsibly and at their own pace. We’ll hand out our destination coordinates the morning of the ride with a suggested turn sheet, and then set out in a slow and steady convoy that will invariably get cut in half at the first traffic light.

Ride your own ride, and we’ll reconvene upstate. We’ll also post the regroup location coordinates on Instagram by Saturday morning, so anyone looking to skip the Brooklyn departure and meet us upstate at ~9:30 is welcome to do so.

All bikes and riders are welcome, but of course please come with all your paperwork in order, and arrive with appropriate gear. Riders with no gloves or wearing only a T-shirt will be shamed appropriately. (See below for some fine options!)

After we regroup we’ll stop for breakfast and coffee, compliments of our friends at Dainese. And from there everyone is on their own to explore Harriman State Park, head over to nearby Storm King Mountain, continue on up to the Catskills, or bug out and ride back to the city before re-entry traffic gets too backed up.

Press Release
Press Release

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