M1GP and Women In Motorsports Foundation Announce New Superlites Endurance Championship

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Right on the heels of MotoAmerica’s announcement of the Junior Cup class, M1GP and the Women In Motorsports Foundation have announced a new, affordable 300cc racing class that is aimed to encourage more people, namely women, into riding/racing motorcycles. The series will encompass three races and is set to begin July 8th. This is another low-pressure, great opportunity for women to try their hands at something they may have been somewhat intimidated by in the past. We’re excited and will provide more details as they are announced.

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January 24, 2018 – M1GP and the Women In Motorsports Foundation are excited to announce a new Endurance Racing Series dedicated to the 300 class motorcycles that have become the next “big thing” at racetracks across the globe.

Southern California will have its own 300 (and motorcycles of comparable displacement) class of endurance racing at the Streets of Willow in Rosamond, CA., little brother to “The Fastest Road In The West” in the Superlites Endurance Championship.

This 3 race endurance series is meant to not only be fun and affordable, but a means for young racers to acquire much-needed seat time in a racing environment on machines that provide the rider the ability to concentrate on honing their skills while developing their race craft. It will be just as challenging for the well-seasoned and veteran racers and provide just as much fun and seat time without breaking the bank.

Andrea Graves, Founder of the Women In Motorsports Foundation, had this to say about the Superlites Endurance Championship: “The 300 series motorcycles that are available these days are a fantastic way to gain valuable seat time especially for those up and coming racers who want to develop their racing skills. They’re also an ideal tool for experienced racers to stay race ready without spending a season’s budget on seat time. In this series, the ladies will be represented in their own classes as well as overall finish standings in each class, something that is largely overlooked in most motorcycle racing series. Our aim for the ladies is to focus attention on women competing on similarly competitive machines as opposed to being lumped into one event with multiple classes of motorcycles.”

From the beginning, M1GP has supported women in the sport of motorcycle riding and racing, promoting all-ladies endurance teams in their very first race event, the 8 Hours at Grange´, then in the M1GP 24-Hour Super Endurance Charity Races and most recently, with the popular all-ladies rider clinics. M1GP understands the importance of women motorcyclists, not only as a growing segment as riders, but that skilled female racers can compete and win over male rivals and be great ambassadors for the sport.

“I’m very excited to be working with Andrea Graves and her foundation as I believe we have a shared vision to provide opportunities for women in motorcycling – from rider training, racing and many opportunities which have been untapped. The motorcycle industry needs out-of-the-box thinking, which is why I’m excited about this venture,” said Young Lee, CEO/Founder M1GP.

About M1GP

A mini-motorcycle roadracing association, established in 2009, is committed to growing the awareness of rider development and racing with children and adults building riding skills and racing small displacement motorcycles in the USA.

About Women In Motorsports Foundation

Women In Motorsports Foundation is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to help women interested in pursuing a career or advancing themselves within the motorsports industry. To support their participation in competition and to provide a network of information for women and other enthusiasts within the motorcycling community.

For additional info, go to https://m1-grandprix.com/superlites-endurance-series/

Press Release
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