Pro Racer Shelina Moreda Added to COVERGIRL Line-Up

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Easy, breezy, beautiful, professional motorcycle racer, Shelina Moreda, is announced as the cosmetics brand’s newest COVERGIRL. In addition to her passions of racing and makeup, Shelina is committed to helping girls build confidence and empowerment through riding motorcycles. It’s pretty neat to have a motorcycle racer crossing over into mainstream products to help promote awareness for our beloved industry by getting more girls onto two wheels!

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New York, NY – October 5, 2017 – COVERGIRL today announced Shelina Moreda, internationally-known motorcycle racer and the first female to race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, to their roster of new COVERGIRLS. An accomplished professional in her own right, she is stepping out from the world of athletics to bring to life another passion: makeup.

“Pro racing is a challenging profession – physically, mentally, and emotionally. I love what I do, and people are often surprised because the sport of racing is largely dominated by men. Makeup is something I’ve always enjoyed, and it’s something that sets me apart when I’m on the racetrack and the only thing you can see are my eyes peering out of the helmet, so that’s the part I especially love to play up. My partnership with COVERGIRL shows the world that it’s okay to have an active, yet powerful career and still value feeling pretty and I am happy to be able to encourage other people to unapologetically be themselves, pursue what they love, and share it with the world.”

In addition to the time, energy and intensity Shelina has dedicated to overcoming personal and professional boundaries to rise to the top. She also spends time inspiring and empowering other people to do what they love, as she runs an all-female motorcycle skills school that focuses on building confidence in girls to push past barriers and reach their individual goals.

“Today, wellness is increasingly seen as an important component of inner and outer beauty, but you don’t often see beauty cross over into the world of sports. We want to change that, and it goes beyond sports, too,” says Ukonwa Ojo, Senior Vice President, COVERGIRL. “People have many varied interests that aren’t mutually exclusive. This is an important element of diversity, and we should celebrate and encourage the freedom of expression that comes along with it. For us, makeup is a very powerful part of that expression, and we couldn’t be more excited.”

About Shelina Moreda

Shelina Moreda is a professional motorcycle racer who races internationally in the USA, China, Qatar, Japan, France, and has organized riding and racing schools for females in the USA, Spain, and Qatar. She was the first female ever to race a motorcycle at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and is in the history books as “first female” in Zhuhai, China and Suzuka, Japan as well. Shelina puts on She’z Moto Camps, a school designed build confidence and empowerment in girls and women through motorcycles. You can keep up with Shelina on her website

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