Ducati Partners With Shell Advance To Release New 15W-50 Oil

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Ducati announces launch of Shell Advance Ducati 15W-50 oil, bringing race-proven technology to everyday motorcycle enthusiasts.

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Cupertino, Calif. (October 2, 2017) – For nearly two decades, Ducati and Shell have been partners in the arena of world-class motorcycle racing. Now, that partnership has achieved to an entirely new level with the unveiling of Shell Advance Ducati 10W-50 motorcycle oil: the most progressive blend for motorcycles on the market to date. Born from innovation garnered during thousands of miles of track racing, Shell Advance Ducati 10W-50 will arrive on retail shelves in select markets this year.

The new oil is fully-synthetic and has been designed specifically for motorcycles, offering unparalleled two-wheeled performance where car oil cannot compete. Knowing that motorcycles deliver incredibly high power output compared to passenger automobiles, Shell and Ducati have engineered the 15W-50 formula to excel in the high-pressure environment of motorcycle powertrains.

“Ducati is a leader in performance with a history of success on the track,” said Jason Chinnock, Chief Executive Officer of Ducati North America. “One of the key elements that our teams depend on is the research and development from Shell who rigorously tests the oil we use. With the release of Shell Advance Ducati 10W-50, the knowledge we’ve acquired from our Shell partnership in racing, is now available to every rider whether it be track or street.”

Some of the integral ways in which the 15W-50 will protect Ducati engines include reducing friction to increase power, as well as the formulation of unique properties to supply 71 percent better protection at high temperatures than leading competitors, in complement to added fuel economy compared to premium mineral oils.

Shell and Ducati recently announced an extension of their agreement for a further three years, solidifying a tradition of having the first-fill of every Ducati motorcycle to leave its factory in Bologna to be with Shell oil.

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