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Ryan Adams
by Ryan Adams

We will be using and reviewing this app in the near future to give you a full rundown of RISER. For now, check out the video below or download it free in the app store and let us know what you think.

Begin Press Release:

RISER – Driven By Adventure

“Everyone who rides a motorcycle wants to see more than routes which have been driven by many others before: You want to discover something special, with great company – and breathe in the feeling of freedom within the air,” says Dominik Koffu, CEO of Start-Up RISER from Vienna, Austria. Since 2016, RISER offers an eponymous App with a varying range of functions to fulfill the desires of every motorbiker.

RISER – experience offline, share online

31-year-old Dominik Koffu had the idea for RISER while riding his motorcycle: He wished there was an app for motorcyclists to collect input and new routes from the community and discover them yourself, track your own trips, share them and connect with other motorcyclists. Soon the idea evolved and became a company: Together, CEOs Dominik Koffu and Peter Benkö started what was probably their most exciting motorcycle adventure with a team of 6 people and launched the first version of their app for motorcyclists in 2016: RISER.

The RISER team takes their credo “Driven By Adventure” not only as a motivation to continue improving the App every day, it also stands for the passion for riding that connects RISER with all the bikers out there who can only think of one thing when the weekend is about to start: Hop on their bikes and go!

What you can do with RISER:

With the actual version of the app, every user can track motorcycle “trips” from beginning to end and then share them directly within the app with friends and the community. To suggest certain parts of trips or whole routes, one can generate “Sections”. Thereby, the user can save selected parts of trips and thus make them available for others in the area “Discover”.


When saving a trip on RISER, each registered user can select parts of a trip which are very curvy or have a nice panoramic view and create a “Section”. The saved section will then be visible to all other users. The area “Discover” is interesting for every user who wants to explore new surroundings and find trips or sections suggested by others in his/her vicinity.

Profile – Start – Feed

Every registered RISER user has the possibility to personalize his/her profile with photos, personal details and their own motorcycles which can be added to the “Garage”. Via the “Find Friends”-function, users can connect with their friends on the platform. In the personal “Feed” of a user he/she will find shared “Trips” of friends, new motorcycles and other news. Trips and bikes can be liked and commented on.

RISER is now available in version 2.0 in the languages German, English, Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese for free download.

RISER iOS & Android: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id1087005682 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.riserapp

Visit RISER as well on:





Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams

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