MotoAmerica Set to Replace KTM RC Cup With Junior Cup for 2018

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MotoAmerica announces the end of their KTM spec class, The KTM RC Cup. The new Junior Cup will be open to all manufacturers which should provide some exciting racing in 2018.

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MotoAmerica Announces Junior Cup Series For 2018
Junior Cup To Replace KTM RC Cup Series

COSTA MESA, CA (August 24, 2017) – MotoAmerica has announced that the KTM RC Cup will be replaced beginning in 2018 with the new MotoAmerica Junior Cup Series, thereby ending a highly successful three years of the spec-class KTM RC Cup.

The Junior Cup Series will be open to all manufacturers. Additional rules and homologation requirements will be released soon.

“It is our hope that opening up the class to other manufacturers should bring a broader base of participants into MotoAmerica and create more opportunities for riders, manufacturers and teams,” said MotoAmerica President Wayne Rainey. “We’ve had a great relationship with KTM in our first three seasons with the KTM RC Cup. The class did exactly what we envisioned it would do when we started MotoAmerica – it gave young riders a way to get involved in road racing in a safe and competitive arena. In the three years that KTM and MotoAmerica worked together, both entities can be proud of what was accomplished. We saw young riders come into the KTM RC Cup and we watched them grow into better racers who have since moved on to other classes within MotoAmerica. It’s exactly what we wanted. We also look forward to KTM continuing in the Junior Cup as we continue our relationship with them. They are a racing company and we are a racing company and that partnership will continue to grow as we move forward.”

“KTM is a READY TO RACE brand and over the past three years we have been working together with MotoAmerica and the KTM RC Cup Series to support and develop youth road racing talent in America,” said KTM North America, Inc. President John Hinz. “The program has been highly successful delivering some of the most competitive and compelling road racing in the series. We are happy to have provided an opportunity for these future champions to develop and showcase their talents across America and the world with the Global RC Cup Runoff. We are so proud of the families and athletes who raced in the KTM RC Cup Series and we look forward to seeing them compete for the championship in the MotoAmerica Junior Cup Series.”

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