The Yamaha Champions Riding School: Tips for the Street

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Yamaha Champions Riding School offers up some tips for riding on the street in hot weather that you may not have considered.

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“Summertime…and the stopping ain’t easy”

Summertime temperatures in the hot cities, like Las Vegas or Phoenix or…well, any city in the southern half of the country…can have a drastic affect on the asphalt beneath us. The burning sun boils the oils in the asphalt to the surface, the surface we are trying to ride on.

The high air temperatures reek havoc with the automobiles around us as overheated engines boil antifreeze and oil gets pushed past hot seals, with the asphalt catching all this slippery goo.

Summer riders need to heighten their awareness of the amount of grip available and make two important adjustments. 1-Pretend you’re riding in the rain. Be more tender with the throttle, limit your cornering speeds to limit your lean angle, and most importantly, give yourself more time to stop. Don’t follow too closely, don’t ride fast, be especially aware of initial braking to smoothly load the tires. 2-Stay out of the middle of the lane, especially while approaching intersections where cars have sat and dripped. The left tire track of a car is the safest, the right tire track is second safest, but the middle is gripless.

Oh, and don’t forget the “Onboard Engineer”. Keep yourself well hydrated and rested so your body can best handle the heat.

Some of the boys are at High Plains Raceway in Colorado today teaching these and other important rider techniques we call Champions Habits while others are on their way to or preparing to go to Laguna Seca for this weekend’s MotoAmerica races. The rest of us are preparing for our final summer school (the good kind) next week, July 11-12 at New Jersey Motorsports Park where there are just a few seats open for the two-day ChampSchool.

Remainder of the 2017 School Schedule is below or click here.

Wed-Thu, July 11-12 – ChampSchool, NJMP, Millville, NJ
Mon-Tue, Sept 11-12 – ChampSchool, NJMP, Millville, NJ
Mon-Tue, Oct 2-3 – ChampSchool, Inde, Wilcox, AZ
Mon-Tue, Nov 6-7 – ChampSchool, Inde, Wilcox, AZ
Mon-Tue, Dec 4-5 – ChampSchool, Inde, Wilcox, AZ

Thank you for your support and we hope to see you at a school soon.

The Yamaha Champions Riding School Staff


Press Release
Press Release

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