Spidi Test Rider And An Africa Twin Rally Have Some Fun

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A Spidi test rider gets his hands on an Africa Twin Rally. We’re envious of the rider for both the bike and the gear.

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The perks of being a Spidi Test Rider are that you get to ride a variety of motorcycles all over the world. This gets even better as Spidi is the supplier of Honda Powersports’ technical apparel, and if you have to test some of the upcoming products for the adventure touring collection, what better option than calling “the Big Wing” guys and ask for a ride?

This is how Spidi’s Test Rider got his hands (and heart) on the astonishing Africa Twin Rally.

This special version is still under development and there’s not much we can say at the moment, but with this rugged design, different suspensions’ set up, new trail rated 21-18 wheels, 5 more hp thanks to the Termignoni exhaust and 15 pounds less because of carbon fiber parts, this peculiar Africa Twin gets more off-road capable than ever.

According to the Spidi Test Rider, the bike felt more nimble on the roots and sandy sections he encountered during the test, while power delivery was more consistent , with an extra kick where needed most. It was also very comfortable, so that dreaming of a world-round trip is actually plausible.

This test was held on a multi day trip, facing challenging weather conditions, mountain passes and single tracks. Not a single issue was reported to the bike nor to the new 2018 adventure touring suit used for the ride.

Thanks to this collaboration with Honda Powersports, Spidi can provide the gnarliest jackets, pants, gloves and protectors for your adventure touring trips, while being a step forward in terms of style, ergonomics and safety.

To find out more about this sweet bike, and to read what else the engineers at Spidi are working on, visit: http://www.spidi.com/ww_en/ridetrue_africa_twin_rally

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