Alpinestars Airbag Technology Wins CES Asia Top Innovation Award

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Alpinestars Airbag systems is just one example of how technology is making riding safer.

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SHANGHAI, CHINA – Alpinestars Tech-Air™, the world’s most advanced active rider air bag system, has been honored at the annual Consumer Electronics Show Asia Innovation Awards in Shanghai, China. Celebrating outstanding product design and innovative engineering in new consumer technology products, Tech-Air™ took away the top prize in the ‘Wearables’ category.

Alpinestars Tech-Air™ is the world’s first and only independent airbag system providing complete critical full upper body protection. It functions without relying on external sensors, including GPS and can be used with any make or model of motorbike. Tech-Air™ uses a sophisticated algorithm which has been evolved over a decade of research and development, hundreds of thousands of miles of road testing and a multitude of full-scale crash tests in order to detect all types of crashes and ensure the airbag is fully inflated before the rider suffers an impact.

Alpinestars has launched two versions of the system Tech-Air™ Street (2014) and Tech-Air™ Race (2016). The technology is now available from Alpinestars dealers across Europe and markets worldwide.

Alpinestars is the world’s leading performance motorsports apparel, motorcycling airbag protection and technical footwear company. Developing performance technology with market leading style and innovation sets Alpinestars apart and today the company has headquarters and R&D facilities in Los Angeles and Italy, with regional offices in Tokyo and Bangkok.

Alpinestars leads the way in active air bag technology for riders and their passengers and the CES Innovation Award winning Tech-Air™ technology featured on the Alpinestars Stand and as part of the main technology exhibition at the CES Show in Shanghai, China, between 7 and 10 June 2017.

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