Zero Motorcycles Will Take Leadership Role Even If Washington Won't

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We’re happy to see that Zero Motorcycles is willing to stand in for the lack of leadership in Washington regarding electric motorcycles.

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“Don’t Wait For Washington” Assures Up To $1,869 On A Zero Motorcycle If The Government Fails To Reinstate Electric Motorcycle Tax Credit

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., (May 12th, 2017)Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, announced today that they are taking the lead on ensuring that Washington recognizes the electric motorcycle movement with “Don’t Wait for Washington.” The program assures consumers that they will get the recently expired 10% Federal tax credit even if Washington fails to reinstate it. The initiative serves the dual purposes of driving the conversation on electric motorcycles forward while legislation languishes in Washington, and of motivating would-be electric motorcycle riders to join the movement. Should the government fail to reinstate the Electric Motorcycle Federal Tax Credit by the end of the year, then Zero will step up and send cash back, up to $1,869, matching the expired tax credit for new, eligible 2017 Zero motorcycles.

“Electric motorcycles, even more than electric cars, have the power to transform transportation. They are simply a better solution, whether you ride one or not,” says Sam Paschel, CEO of Zero Motorcycles. “They are the most fun, quick, and connected way to get from point A to point B. They also have broader benefits than electric cars including: sharper emissions reductions, elimination of urban congestion and affordability, to name a few. As a small company this is a huge step for us, but we believe that electric motorcycles are the future, and as the leader in the space, it was left to us to make sure the momentum around electric 2 wheel transportation continues. The riding season has already started and we want people to join us in this movement. We’re putting our money where our mouth is to ensure no one is left waiting on the sidelines.”

The previous Electric Motorcycle Federal Tax Credit expired at the end of 2016. There is a current push to re-instate this credit, but the lack of predictability has consumers on the fence about whether to purchase now or wait. “Don’t Wait for Washington” assures riders that they will not miss out by buying now and getting on the bike regardless of what Washington does.

Zero Motorcycles is on the front lines of advocating for electric motorcycles and is driving the movement behind getting this tax credit reinstated. Zero is also empowering riders to make their voices in Congress heard by creating an easy, streamlined process to reach out to the local, state and federal representatives to advocate for the re-introduction of the support. To reach out to your congressperson and join Zero in pushing energy innovation forward visit:

More information about the “Don’t Wait for Washington” program, including ways to contact Congress, can be found on Zero’s website:

About Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles is committed to transforming the motorcycling experience by bringing to market highly innovative electric motorcycles that offer exceptional value and performance. Zero is powered by innovation, driven by passion, guided by integrity and measured by results. Through extensive research, insight and experience, Zero combines the art and science of motorcycle development to create and manufacture products that excite consumers and inspire brand loyalty. Every model is designed and built in California. Zero is determined to be the preeminent global electric motorcycle company.

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