Laverty Bails At 160mph And His Aprilia Explodes On Impact!

Evans Brasfield
by Evans Brasfield
laverty bails at 160mph and his aprilia explodes on impact

Most of us will never have to make the decision to jump off a motorcycle going 160mph, but according to, that’s how fast Eugene Laverty was going when he realized he had to bail on lap 13 of World Superbike Race 1 at Imola this past Saturday. The corner before, he’d had contact with Alex Lowes and his Pata Yamaha. When the two tangled, Laverty’s Milwaukee Aprilia’s brake lines were stripped from the bike, leaving Laverty with no recourse but to jump – and it’s a good thing he did. The Aprilia exploded on impact with the wall. Laverty was healthy enough to race on Sunday.

Take a look at the carnage:

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