SyncRIDE Attempts Largest Synchronized Ride In History

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On May 27, 2017 SyncRIDE will attempt the largest synchronized ride in history to demonstrate for motorcycle safety.

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Motorcyclists should be seen and not hurt!

Introducing the SyncRIDE moto-doc series about how we ride!

Toronto, Canada (May 8, 2017) – (ESR), introduces seven evocative films and a global ride event powered by the EatSleepRIDE Motorcycle GPS app, a mobile platform for the international motorcycling community.

News Highlights:

· To kick-off Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, EatSleepRIDE launches the SyncRIDE moto-documentary film series. Seven inspirational films by award-winning filmmakers, capture how we ride. Highly personal and motivating profiles of motorcycle riders include industry innovators Erik Buell and The Moto Lady.
Watch the 7 short motorcycle films here.

· A demonstration is taking place. On May 27, 2017, the last Saturday of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, EatSleepRIDE invites motorcyclists around the world to attempt the largest synchronized ride in history to demonstrate for motorcycle safety. It’s called SyncRIDE. Kickstands up everywhere at 10AM EDT, 2PM GMT. Rain or shine, on your own or with friends. It doesn’t matter what or where you ride. Join a SyncRIDE and be seen. Learn more at

· Hand in glove, riders are invited to participate in a Guinness World Record attempt for “The Largest Synchronized Motorcycle Ride”. To be officially counted, riders can download the EatSleepRIDE Motorcycle GPS app and check-in. The ESR app is available free in the App Store for iOS, and in the Play Store for Android mobile devices.

“The narrative in many countries where motorcycling is not accessible year round has been this: Motorcyclists are danger seekers who deserve what they get”, explains ESR co-founder and CEO Marina Mann. “We believe in a new narrative. Motorcycling should be a safer and more viable transportation solution. Research indicates that when legislation protects motorcyclists, we increase safety, reduce emissions and decrease traffic congestion for all road users.”

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