Brembo Introduces Its Most Advanced Master Cylinder To Date

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Unless you have a MotoGP contract, braking technology doesn’t get any better.

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Brembo Redefines the Motorcycle Radial Master Cylinder

Brembo presents the latest evolution in the radial master cylinder concept for motorcycles with the launch of the new 19RCS Corsa Corta. This new radial master brake cylinder features a host of innovations, with many of the technical solutions drawn directly from the master cylinders used in MotoGP.

The most significant achievement is, that the 19RCS Corsa Corta allows the rider to tailor the “bite point” exactly where they want it, with an easily accessible selector on the top of the master cylinder itself (patent-pending technology).

The selector operates a cam mechanism to let the user choose between three different responsiveness settings.

In the Normal setting, indicated on the master cylinder with the letter N, the bite point starts more gradually, making it suitable for city riding or braking in poor grip conditions.

In the Sport setting, indicated on the master cylinder with the letter S, the beginning of the bite point is shorter than in the N setting. This setting produces a more dynamic response suitable for sportier riding.

Lastly, in the Race setting, indicated on the master cylinder with the letter R, the position of the cam mechanism shortens the initial stage of the bite point even further to produce the same immediate response of the master cylinders used in MotoGP, letting the rider reach the bite point of the brakes instantaneously. This setting is ideal for use on the race track, where every hundredth of a second shaved off a lap time counts.

By simply changing from one setting to another, the rider can configure the braking response and feel of the bike immediately and predictably.

The new Brembo 19RCS Corsa Corta also features the RCS (Ratio Click System)system introduced 10 years ago on the Brembo 19RCSradial master cylinder, which lets the rider select a fulcrum-to-piston distance of 18 or 20 mm by simply turning the adjuster screw on the front of the guide lever by 180° with a screwdriver. The system uses a cam (red when set to 18 mm, black when set to 20 mm), which adjusts the distance between the fulcrum point and the contact point with the master cylinder push rod by 2 millimeters, this changes the distribution of the braking force without altering the performance of the system in terms of pure power.

The innovative adjustment system introduced with the new Brembo 19RCS Corsa Corta radial master cylinder contributes to a sense of total control over the bike by letting the rider tailor braking performance to suit their riding style, the weather and road conditions.

A commitment to product improvement has allowed Brembo to offer three different master cylinders in one and to bring the performance of the braking system as a whole to another level. Combined, the choice of two fulcrum-to-piston measurements (18 and 20 mm) and three bite-point settings (R, S and N) offer a total of six different settings.

The master cylinder housing is machined from forged aluminium with 5 axis CAM technology. The ultra-hard oxidised surface finish chosen for the master cylinder housing ensures outstanding wear resistance and extremely low friction between moving parts. The floating piston and gaskets are the same as the components used in MotoGP, as are the bleed and brake fluid delivery circuit couplings. These are inclined by over 30° to facilitate bleeding of the master cylinder.

The development of the 19RCS Corsa Corta also included a design project to create a coherent style for all the components of the master cylinder itself, and as a result, the 19RCS Corsa Corta has a distinct, dynamic and sporty look which is perfectly in keeping with the visual identity of the motorcycles for which it is intended (application for registered design/model submitted together with patent for the technology used).

The lever assembly can be replaced without removing the RCS (Ratio Click System) system from the master cylinder and, therefore, without altering the settings made during assembly of the master cylinder in the Brembo Racing workshop.

The Brembo radial master cylinder has revolutionised braking systems over the past few decades. Conceived originally for racing use, over the years it has become an increasingly sought-after solution for Supersports and Naked bikes. Despite its appearance on production models, the radial master cylinder is still a thoroughbred racing solution and continues to be used in MotoGP.

Now every rider can drastically improve the braking performance of their motorcycle and experience the many benefits of Brembo’s decades of experience in braking systems by simply replacing the original equipment radial master cylinder with a Brembo radial product.

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