New Book: "Motorcycles and Our 2nd 50 Years" – by Reg Kittrelle

John Burns
by John Burns

Reg Kittrelle’s done it all in his first 50 years of riding motorcycles, and he’s here to tell you that he’s far from over. Riding strong at 72, Reg says, “Riding a motorcycle has nothing to do with how old you are, and everything to do with how old you think you are.”

When you begin to think your riding days might be numbered, that’s when you need this highly personal, 224-pages of Reg advice, to reassure you that old age is not a disease or pitiful condition. It is a status we’ve attained, says Kittrelle, and if we’ve lived properly, it is worthy of respect. Inside, Kittrelle takes a look at what it means to be “old” in our culture, and how it applies to motorcycle riders.

It’s an instructional too; Kittrelle takes a critical look at the food we eat, lays out a simple, no-fad exercise plan to make our riding years past 50 the best ones ever, and tackles many topics that contribute to riding longer and more competently, including accessory lighting, tools, track schools, clothing and myriad other subjects.


John Burns
John Burns

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