EICMA 2013: 2014 BMW S1000R Revealed

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

UPDATE: BMW announced U.S. pricing for the S1000R starts at $13,150, plus various options and packages including the $14,950 Premium Package.

BMW revealed a new naked version of its flagship S1000RR superbike, presenting the new 2014 S1000R at the 2013 EICMA show in Milan.

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The 999cc inline-Four engine has been retuned for low- to mid-range performance, with redesigned cylinder head ducts, modified cam profiles, updated engine management and a 2000 rpm reduction in the rev limit. BMW claims a peak output of 158 hp at 11000 rpm, compared to the S1000RR’s 193 hp claims. The peak torque is the same at 83 ft-lb. but the S1000R delivers about 7 ft-lb. more than the S1000RR below 7500 rpm.

The S1000R comes with two a choice of Rain or Road ride modes and BMW’s Automatic Stability Control, as well as a race ABS. Available as an add-on is the more advanced Dynamic Traction Control which also adds two sportier ride modes.

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The frame is the same as with the S1000RR, featuring an aluminum alloy perimeter frame that uses the engine as a load-bearing structure. The adjustable upside-down forks and rear shock are also the same as the RR while the Dynamic Damping Control semi-automatic suspension system is available as an option.

[Source: BMW]

Dennis Chung
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