EICMA 2013: 2014 Honda CBR300R Revealed at EICMA

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

The new Honda CBR300R already made its world premiere earlier this month at the 2013 CIMAMotor show in China, but the entry-level sportbike has now made its European debut at the 2013 EICMA show, with full details and specs released.

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Replacing the CBR250R in most western markets, the new CBR300R offers an extra 37cc in displacement and styling inspired from the CBR1000RR. As we previously reported, the 286cc engine was achieved by increasing the stroke of the 250’s engine by 8 mm to 63mm and keeping the bore at 76mm. Honda claims an output of 30.4 hp at 8500 rpm and 19.9 ft-lb. at 7250 rpm. By comparison, the CBR250R offered claims of 26 hp and 17.6 ft-lb.

To make up for the longer stroke, the balancer shaft is heavier than on the 250 and frame mounts are stronger to handle the extra vibrations. Honda says the PGM-FI system has been remapped to offer a crisp throttle response throughout the rev range. Honda also claims the CBR300R can get 242 miles on a single fuel-up of the 3.4-gallon tank.

The CBR300R has the same 30.9-inch seat height as the CBR250R, but the seat is narrower, making it even easier to put your feet down.

A 37mm telescopic fork and Pro-Link rear monoshock provide suspension duties. Braking is performed by a two-piston caliper gripping the 296mm front disc while a single-piston caliper tackles the 220mm rear disc. ABS is also now standard equipment on the CBR300R instead of being an option as it was on the CBR250R.

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Or at least, that’s the case for the European market where ABS will soon be made mandatory. American Honda has not yet announced whether it would offer the CBR300R or stay with the CBR250R. We’d be surprised if we don’t get the CBR300R to better compete against the Kawasaki Ninja 300. Whichever model we get, it’s likely American Honda will make ABS optional equipment.

[Source: Honda]

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