Ohlins Issues Recall Notice For BMW S1000RR And R1200R Steering Dampers

Troy Siahaan
by Troy Siahaan
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Ohlins is issuing a recall notice for select aftermarket steering dampers for the BMW S1000RR and R1200R. The company believes the bracket holding the damper in place to be improperly machined, and a probable material defect in the aluminum alloy could cause stress fractures.

Ohlins states that although “there is no risk for losing control during normal riding,” there is a risk the bracket will fail during slow-speed maneuvers, where the bars are turned at maximum steering angle. As such, the company is asking all affected owners to remove the bracket from their vehicles and send them to Ohlins for a replacement. All shipping and handling costs will be covered, and if you choose to have an approved Ohlins technician handle the removal and re-installation, this will also be free of charge.

You can find the batch number stamped on the steering damper body. The affected batch numbers are below:

SD 033 128351, SD 033 128352, SD 033 128432, SD 033 128650, SD 033 128738, SD 033 128794, SD 033 129238, SD 033 129647, SD 033 129670, SD 033 129712, SD 033 129946, SD 033 130555, SD 033 130582, SD 033 130789, SD 033 131127, SD 033 131562, SD 033 131766, SD 033 132234, SD 033 132560, SD 033 303667, SD 037 131684, SD 037 303936, SD 038 131657, SD 038 131894, SD 038 304004

Damper brackets can be sent to this address: Ohlins USA Inc., 703-C South Grove Street,Hendersonville, NC 28739.

Be sure to visit your local Ohlins retailer or technician for more information on the recall.

Troy Siahaan
Troy Siahaan

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