2013 Bimota DB10 B.Motard First Impressions

Tor Sagen
by Tor Sagen

You can’t get much more exclusive and exotic than Bimota, with every bike dripping over with carbon fiber and billet aluminum pieces of art. Big motards excites me and none more so than the Bimota DB10 B.Motard. Take the 95hp Ducati DS1100 engine from the old Monster and Hypermotard models and put it in a Bimota chassis and you have instant riding nirvana.

The way the completely stripped-of-electronics Bimota DB10 bad boy reacts to throttle input is pure delight. In today’s hyper technological motorcycles it’s almost a privilege in itself to ride something stripped to the bone leaving only pure and unadulterated fun. The DB10 is all about fun and fun I had on a sunny day in Rimini.

I got to test the Bimota test bike and it contained one important part which I have promised to keep a secret which of course is a shame but I do want to be able to go back and test again so let’s leave it at that.

The seat is very typically supermotard where the seat stretches far up onto the small 3.6-gallon fuel tank. It makes it easy to ride it like a motard and put as much weight on that front wheel as possible because believe me it does get light very often. Handling is as you’d expect on the perfectionist side of things and despite the motard ergonomics, it’s not that uncomfortable at all.

Bimota is asking for £21,000 (US$32,740) for this boutique motorcycle and I suppose they should sell them at a jewellers instead of a motorcycle dealership at that price.

I’ll have more in my full review but I can already now say that this is the Bimota for me and the one I’ll be drooling over until I win the lottery.

Tor Sagen
Tor Sagen

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