Piaggio Multimedia Platform IPhone Connectivity Announced for Piaggio X10 Maxi-Scooter

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Piaggio announced a new iPhone connectivity system set to debut on its new X10 maxi-scooter. The Piaggio Multimedia Platform (PMP) will be available as a kit for the 125cc, 350cc and 500cc versions of the Piaggio X10, and eventually may be introduced to other models in the Piaggio Group (which would include the brands Aprilia, Moto Guzzi and Vespa.)

Designed by Re:Lab, the PMP system turns an iPhone into an onboard computer and secondary display. The kit mounts the iPhone over the Piaggio insignia on the center of the X10’s handlebar which, from the rider’s perspective, puts it just below the scooter’s standard instruments.

Using the PMP app, the iPhone display can be set to show a variety of information about the scooter. The display can show the speedometer and tachometer, though that may be useless with the standard dials just above it, but the app can also show engine power and torque output, longitudinal acceleration, instant and average fuel consumption, average speed and battery voltage.

On ABS and traction control-equipped X10 scooters, the PMP system can also access the vehicle’s wheel sensors and monitor tire pressure and wear and provide a warning when maintenance is needed. PMP can also access general analysis data to detect any other problems and provide instructions and directions to the nearest authorized dealer for repairs.

PMP also monitors fuel level and if they reach low levels, provide locations to the nearest gas stations. The app will also store the scooter’s last known position before the engine is turned off, useful for reminding the rider where the scooter was parked.

At this point, the PMP system is only available for the iPhone though an Android version may be available later in the year.

[Source: Piaggio]

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