Honda Developing V4 MotoGP Production Racer

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Honda is reportedly developing a production racer based on its RC213V racebike that could be sold to teams looking to compete in MotoGP. The new racebike is expected to be of a lower-spec than the RC213V prototype but perform better than a CRT machine with a production-based engine.

According to a report by racing site MotoMatters and French magazine Moto Journal, the new V4-engined production racer will be sold to race teams instead of being leased, as is the case with current satellite teams and their race prototypes. Meanwhile, Britain’s MCN reports the production racer will be available for the 2014 MotoGP Championship and will cost race teams about a million euros (US$1.26 million).

MCN also reports the machine will not qualify as a CRT and would be subject to the same regulations as full factory prototypes, with the same six-engine limit and a cap of 21 liters of fuel. The difference is it will be a more affordable option for race teams.

Honda’s production racer – Honda Racing Corporation boss Shuhei Nakamoto calls it a replica of the RC213V – harkening back to an the days where Honda NSR500 raced alongside privateers on the NSR500V (such as the one piloted by Tadayuki Okada in the photo above at the 1996 Japanese Grand Prix).

[Source: MotoMatters, MCN, photo by Rikita ( Wikipedia)]

Dennis Chung
Dennis Chung

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