Honda Zoomer X Prototype – New Ruckus Concept Revealed in Thailand

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung
honda zoomer x prototype new ruckus concept revealed in thailand

Honda Thailand unveiled a new prototype at the 2012 Bangkok International Motor Show showcasing the next generation of the Ruckus scooter.

Known as the Zoomer in other markets, the Honda Ruckus is probably best known for its non-traditional scooter styling, with the usual tiny tires and wasp-like body replaced by a fat rubbers and exposed tube frame.

The Honda Zoomer X maintains the original’s rugged-looking tires but instead of the exposed tubes, the Zoomer X has a boxy-looking structure, though like the original the space under the seat is exposed to the elements, so if you want to store something there you might have to break out the bungee cords.

Also new is the stacked headlight configuration instead of the Ruckus’ double headlights and the rear suspension.

The Zoomer X is still just a prototype at this point though Honda Thailand says it plans to deliver a production model soon.

[Source: Honda]

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