Concept Motorcycles Galore

Pete Brissette
by Pete Brissette

This concept Honda is the work of French designer Benoit Vignot. You can see this and other images by Vignot in a blog post dated Oct. 21, 2011., a 17-year-old website dedicated to the industrial design industry, recently posted numerous sketches and images of concept motorcycles, showcasing the work of various designers, including the above image by Benoit Vignot, as well as noted bike designer Glynn Kerr.

The sketches and images range from wildly conceptual works by lesser-known designers to works for major OEMs like Yamaha by Kerr that have led to production motorcycles.

Some of the designs are quite trick, and given a few modifications for practicality’s sake might make for some cool motorcycles. Let’s hear it for risk-taking designers!

A KTM concept by Daniele Pesaresi.

Concept motorcycle by Ukrainian designer Alexander lozovskiy.

A wild design by Arturo Arino.

See these images and more at’s October 21 blog post.

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