Ohlins Introduces Electronically Adjustable Suspension System Replacement for BMW R1200GS ESA

Dennis Chung
by Dennis Chung

Öhlins has introduced what it is calling the world’s first replacement electronic suspension system, with a new aftermarket replacement kit for the BMW R1200GS’s Enduro ESA system.

Like BMW‘s ESA and ESA II technology, Öhlins’ system lets riders adapt a motorcycle’s suspension with the push of a button. Öhlins’ system works with the R1200GS’s ECU and the existing user interface.

The Öhlins system uses the same damper modes and offered by ESA and adds another layer of automatic adjustability. When riding in Comfort mode, the system automatically adjusts damping to Normal mode when the motorcycle reaches 50 mph. At 75 mph, the system automatically increases damping to Sport mode. Likewise, when the bike slows down, the Öhlins system automatically shifts the setting to Normal and then back to Comfort.

The Öhlins BMW R1200GS replacement kit will be available in November.

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Öhlins Launches The World’s First Replacement Electronic Suspension Package

Öhlins has become the first company to offer an upgraded electronic suspension system, replacing the electronically adjustable suspension on the BMW R1200GS and interacting directly with the bike’s ECU and existing user interface. The Öhlins system also has a semi-active function, automatically adjusting the bike’s damping in relation to its speed.

Öhlins has been at the forefront of development of electronically adjustable suspension and has a whole department dedicated to this rapidly advancing technology. Labelled under the heading ‘Mechatronic’, which is an amalgamation of the words mechanical and electronic, this department helped create one of the World’s first production electronic suspension systems, found on the Ducati Multistrada.

Now Öhlins is offering BMW R1200GS riders with ESA the chance to upgrade their suspension without sacrificing its electronic adjustability.

Developed using Öhlins’ unrivalled experience in damping gained through considerable MotoGP, World Superbike and multi-discipline Off-Road Racing successes, the R1200GS ESA replacement package consists of Öhlins EC front and rear shocks as well as an ECU that allows the entire system to plug directly into the BMW’s own user-interface. The Öhlins system allows the rider to choose between

BMW’s multiple driving modes and damping levels, along with variousspring pre-load settings on the rear shock. That’s not all, the Öhlins system adds a level of intelligence to the BMW’s suspension.

In Comfort mode, the Öhlins ECU monitors the bike’s speed and when it exceeds 80kph automatically alters the suspension’s damping to a firmer ‘Normal’ setting. When the speed exceeds 120kph the damping is further increased to ‘Sport’ mode, creating a more accurate ride. When the speeds decrease, the damping reverts back to its original settings through the intermediate ‘Normal’ mode. This feature makes Öhlins’ ESA replacement system the World’s first intelligent aftermarket suspension system.

As well as the extra ride quality offered by Öhlins suspension, the system also allows riders to customise the spring rate on their bike through fitment of new springs as well as have their shocks fully serviced and maintained by one of the many specialist Öhlins Centres.

The Öhlins BMW R1200GS ESA replacement system will be available in November 2011 from any of the network of specialist Öhlins Centres with an expected price of approximately £2,500 plus VAT.

Ola Lennström, Marketing Communications Manager , Öhlins Racing commented,

“ BMW is a brand in the ascendancy and the GS model of bike is extremely popular with its customers, which is why we decided to launch our Mechatronic system on it. The GS proved a suitable challenge for our engineers as its supension had to cover a wide range of applications, both on and off-road. We believe that owners will instantly feel the benefits of the Öhlins suspension to the motorcycle’s ride and the addition of the ‘Smart’ speed adaptive feature raises it to another level. No other motorcycle on the market has suspension that responds to the vehicle’s speed, this is yet another World first from Öhlins and a further demonstration as to why we are the premium brand in suspension and trusted by riders all over the globe.”

Öhlins products are available through a newly appointed network of specialist Öhlins Centres. These Centres are; BG Motorsport, Crescent Motorcycles, Dixon Racing Technology, FTR Suspension, Harris Performance Products Ltd, Kais Suspension Services, MH Racing Services, Mick Gardner Racing, P&H Motorcycles and Pro-Link Racing Services (N.I) .

For more info on the full line-up of Ohlins products visit www.ohlins.com and for our new off road specific site see www.mxoffroadbyohlins.com

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