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Kevin Duke
by Kevin Duke

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cima motor show

Update: 2009 Chinese Motorcycle Show: Part 1

In our recent tests of the Chinese-manufactured Johnny Pag Motorcycles, we wrote: “If you turned around the appliances in your kitchen, you’d see several “Made in China” stickers. Inevitably, the stuff in garages across North America will one day be displaying a similar country of origin.”

With the impending onslaught of Chinese bikes on its way to our shores, we figured it would be interesting to delve deeper into the Sino-moto industry. That’s why I’m here in Chongqing, China, for the CIMA Motor Show.

Although many North Americans probably haven’t heard of Chongqing (pronounced Chong-ching), the burgeoning industrial city is the center of motorcycle production in China. There will be 400-some-odd manufacturers at the show, so I’m going to be busy.

Keep it tuned to to find out what I’ll learn on this adventure!

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