9 Handy Guides to Motorcycle Road Racing

Mark Prociw
by Mark Prociw

You could be the next Rossi.. but probably not

There’s a great series running on Motorcycle.com all about getting you and your motorcycle ready for road racing. If you are interested at all getting out on the track to be just like those MotoGP racers, you have some very interesting reading ahead of you.

The series is very extensive, it starts off with just you and your motorcycle and proceeds all the way to what you should expect, learn, know and bring to the track. Any expenses made are highlighted in each article so you can get an idea just how much it will cost to get you on your way with this addiction. The author, Jeremiah Knupp, took his 2000 Ducati 748 along on this journey.

Here’s 9 handy guides to help you start motorcycle road racing:

Introduction: Leaving the lawn chair
  • Geoff May: one man show to AMA pro – Pointers and Interview with Pro Geoff May
  • Prepping your bike for track school
  • Cleared for Take-Off: Getting Your Race License
  • Building a Supersport racer – the minimum
  • Building a Supersport racer – the priorities
  • Advanced Supersport modifications
  • Building a Supersport Racer – Stage III, the Finishing Touches
  • Preparing for your first race weekend
  • Even if you don’t plan on ever getting into road racing, I found the articles to be quite fascinating as to how Jeremiah Knupp (the author) got prepared for his new hobby.

    Give the articles a skim at least, there’s some great pictures from photographer Holly Marcus to check out. I’ve included a few shots below that I pulled from some of the photo galleries.

    Mark Prociw
    Mark Prociw

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